The Sky Is Grey, Liam.

Dianna Tomlinson left her seaside home town of Lyme Regis for the bright lights of London when she was six with her mother after the split up, and never looked back. She had it all before she left Lyme; the happy life, the loving brother, the lovely hometown, the amazing best friends. But now she's back: Broken heart, and decided to hole up in her dead granny's bungalow with her dad and brother, Louis Tomlinson. Worse still, her mum wanted her to go back home to London but she refused to do it. So, she decides to start a new beginning in there and recover all the things she had missed when she was away. And one fine day, she met Liam, her old best friend and Harry. The story of three best friends, Liam, Harry and Dianna. They always together whenever they are. But what we had now didn't lasts forever right? The death has changed everything.


2. Liam, Harry, Dianna.

A year before.

Dianna’s POV

 ‘Dianna! You’re going to be late! Come on!’ Louis, my brother yelled as he waited for me in his car. I quickly ran and hopped in to the car. Louis then drove me to the college. Today is my first day in Autumn’s College.

     ‘Thank you, Lou. See you later!’, I said and kissed him on the cheek before  hopped out from his Audi Sport and rushed into the college.


     Me and two other people screamed at the same time as we ran into each other. I rubbed my forehead. It’s hurt. Our books and files were all around the floor. Again at the same time, we bend downwards to get our dropped books and files and there another.

     ‘Ouch!’, again when our heads impinged each other for the second time.

     The three of us  got up and sighed after grabbing their own books and files. The two boys were quarrel each other for who will be leaving first. I sighed when the two boys started pushing each other and it then involved me.

      ‘Stop!’, I yelled.

     They both stopped and stared at her with an angry faces.

     ‘ Let’s get to know each other first!’, she continued.

     ‘Harry!’, the curly one said.

     ‘Liam!’, the adorable one said. I stare at him before I could told them my name. He reminded me of someone. Yes. Exactly. Someone that I used to know and to be friend. I felt something strange when I looked at him.

     ‘Dianna! Dianna Agron’, I then said. ‘Now you first then you next….’, I said as I pointed to Harry then Liam. They both nodded as an agreement.

     ‘On three, two, one…’, they then quickly ran without doing what they had agreed. I sighed but then quickly rushed to my class but stopped when I heard someone fall on the floor. I  turned to see who was falling. Liam. I really wanted to help him but I realized that I already late for my class. Luckily, Harry was there to help him. I turned back to my way and ran inside to find my class.


Liam’s POV

     I sat on the bench after Harry had helped me to get up from the floor.

     ‘Here’, he handed me a small towel.

     I took it from his hand and quickly wiped my bleeding nose.

     Harry then sit next to me. ‘Do you often having nose bleed?’ he asks.

     I nodded for Harry’s question. 

     ‘What kind of sickness?’

      But this time I didn’t want to answer his question. I shrugs and  just fake a smile then look away. Nobody needs to know what kind of sickness do I have. There’s nothing to do with it. I didn’t want anyone to know.

     ‘Its kinda funny though’, Harry suddenly burst out. I smile and nods.

     ‘I mean that Dianna’, he adds.

     ‘So her name is Dianna?’, I asks. Frowning.

     Harry’s eyes widening, ‘Are you pretending not remember?’I smirks, ‘I really don’t remember about her’, I say. Harry sighs and then smiles back.

     ‘Thanks anyway’, I say primly. Harry turn to face me and nods.

Dianna. Actually, I do remember her face. Face not name. Well, there was something about her that makes me want to know more about her. Its like, she used to be someone special to me. I don’t know but I felt like I already knew her since a long time ago. But then I tried to forget about her and focused on Liam that was still next to me.

She reminds me of a girl. A girl that I used to know in my childhood time. Her name was Dianna too. But not Agron. It’s just they have the same name. I really miss my old friend, who accidently named Dianna too. She was my best friend. We used to play and hang out together when we were in our childhood time. I wonder where she is now. I haven’t seen her about 10 to 11 years since she had moved in London with her mum after her parents split up. Her brother, still here, in Lyme, with David. They still living the Granny Gilbert’s bungalow, I think. I once saw Louis in the Granny Gilbert’s beautiful garden. But that time he was with someone. I don’t know who. But I think, it might be his girl friend?

I really miss Dianna. She supposed to be my best friend. But still, till now I still take her as my best friend even I haven’t met her anymore. And, I still kept her pictures. Not just her, but us. And I hang one of our picture on the wall in my bedroom, opposite to my bed. So that, every day I wake up, it will be her I see first to start with my day. And that, every night, it still, she will be the last person I saw before I drove to sleep. She always appeared in my dreams. Some are beautiful and some are not. The beautiful dreams; we meet again and have our childhood time together. And the bad dream; I am losing her.

But no matter where she is, what is she doing and how she is, I hope that she always be happy. That feeling of when you know that, someone you love is living with happiness. I’m happy if she did. Yes, I love Dianna. I thought it was just a word L-O-V-E when I realize it in our childhood time, but then I realize that my love for her is forever. I love her since we were 4. It’s not just a love for a best friend. But it is a love from a boy for a girl. I hope that I can see her again. I really want to see her before its too late.

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