The Sky Is Grey, Liam.

Dianna Tomlinson left her seaside home town of Lyme Regis for the bright lights of London when she was six with her mother after the split up, and never looked back. She had it all before she left Lyme; the happy life, the loving brother, the lovely hometown, the amazing best friends. But now she's back: Broken heart, and decided to hole up in her dead granny's bungalow with her dad and brother, Louis Tomlinson. Worse still, her mum wanted her to go back home to London but she refused to do it. So, she decides to start a new beginning in there and recover all the things she had missed when she was away. And one fine day, she met Liam, her old best friend and Harry. The story of three best friends, Liam, Harry and Dianna. They always together whenever they are. But what we had now didn't lasts forever right? The death has changed everything.


5. Author's Note.

Hiiiiii everyone. How are you? I'd just published a new movella. This time it was about Liam. Well, I've been adding about 4 new chapters before. So, now what do you guys think? I really need to know. I do hope you like it. I'm sorry for the bad grammar. I'm not a pro in English. Aha so do love it. All your comments, I appreciate the most. Please. I hope you like it. I need to know if I should continued or not. That's all. Thank you. Take care guys. 


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