Waiting For Love...

Hey my sweets. This isn't a Fan Fiction, just a normal story about...
Lena thinks she falls in love with her best friend. But, both have trust issues and neither is sure what to do. Lena doesn't even know if he likes her back. How long can she wait for him? What if he waits until summer? Is he even worth it?


2. The Nerds

     I look around the white pasty walls and see my new classmates. Why do I have to be on the gifted team? 

      "Lena, you lab partner is...um...," Mrs. B says as she looks around.

     "Ah! Blake! You need a partner," she says as she pushes me along to my seat next to him. 

     "Hi," Blake says. That's all he says. He has black emo-like hair and glasses. He looked white, and very very shy. He was cute, in a I feel bad for him kind of way.

     I can't believe I get to spend the whole year here, next to Blake. Oh god...


Sorry it's so short. I'm doing little by little (:

~Lena <3

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