Waiting For Love...

Hey my sweets. This isn't a Fan Fiction, just a normal story about...
Lena thinks she falls in love with her best friend. But, both have trust issues and neither is sure what to do. Lena doesn't even know if he likes her back. How long can she wait for him? What if he waits until summer? Is he even worth it?


1. The First Glance

Lena's POV:

     I walked down the tinted glass walkway. Looking around all I saw was pictures about safe sex and STDs. Well, that's high  school for you. All the students in this hallway looked like they were on drugs. Raccoon eyes, smelled like crack, looked high, eyes crossed. One even puked on the teacher's shoes. I walked past them holding my breath and looking  at the ground. I had my backpack on one shoulder and books in one arm. I wasn't too popular, but I wasn't a geek. 


     I was wearing back skinny jeans and white converse. Lastly, a black skull shirt and black and white varsity jacket. People complimented  me on my shirt and jacket mostly. Probably because a lot of people wore converse and skinny jeans. 

    My first class was science. I walked down the off-white halls, past lockers and doors. I walked into room 217 and saw a bunch of nerds (no offense) with white jackets and safety goggles. OH GOD. 


HEY! so I know this is pretty short but i'll update later. Hope you liked it. Don't forget to favorite. 

Well, goodbye my sweets!

~Lena xx.

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