Waiting For Love...

Hey my sweets. This isn't a Fan Fiction, just a normal story about...
Lena thinks she falls in love with her best friend. But, both have trust issues and neither is sure what to do. Lena doesn't even know if he likes her back. How long can she wait for him? What if he waits until summer? Is he even worth it?


3. Blake

Science class was a litle boring. I just wanted to get out and go to math.

The bell finally.

I walk outside and Blake runs up next to me.

"Hey," he says.

"Um...hi," i'm not really in the mood for talking. He needs to go away.

"Do you maybe want to...come to my place after school today. I'm having a little party," He asks.

"Sure. I'l be there. BYE!" I walk quicker to get away. I don't even know where he lives or what time. Pshh w.e i need to get a break from class.

We have a weird schedule. Our classes are 2 hours long and we only four a day. So its nice beacuse all your homework for the next class isn't due until the 2 days from when you get it. I have science, math, lunch, and then piano today. Tomorrow ill have english, history, lunch and then gym.

I walk into the cluttered classroom with all the walls covered in math posters. And guess who i see sitting right next to the seat that has my name on it....


Finally updated. Yaaaaa. Short chapter. That's how ima do it in smll parts.

So 7 favorites for next part  haha

~Lena xx

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