The One

I picked up a razor and held it against my skin. It made my pain worse and I was grateful for that. After all, I can take pain now, no problem. No pain will be worse than what I went through. I will never cope.

1. 1.

"Mum I may not always show it but I love you. You are my rock, my mentor and my mum. You didn't care when my dad left so I didn't either. Don't worry about me, I'm going to track down my dad so he knows and maybe, just maybe, I will go live with him. I love you, forever and always, no matter what," I whispered, conscious of the paramedics around, trying to revive my mum. It didn't work. 


"I'm sorry sweetheart, but she's truly gone." A paramedic murmured in to my ear, rubbing my back. I just stayed there, crouching down, blubbering like a baby. 


She was well and truly gone. I sat cross-legged, on the floor right beside her. Thinking.




I ran in crying. My best friend had just dumped me for Megan, the popular girl. As soon as I ran in, I went up the stairs. My mum always knew when she just needs to leave me alone and when to come up and reassure me. Today was one of those days when I needed to be left alone. 


After a while, she knocked on my door. I let her in.

"Cup cake, what's the matter?" My mum cooed.

"L-L-L-Lollie just dumped me f-f-for Megan." I whispered, still bawling out my eyes.

"Then she wasn't good enough for you; if she is then she'll come back for you, realizing that you were better." My mum reassured me.


And sure enough she was right, like always.


--Back to reality--


I didn't know if I could carry on. But I was going to keep my promise to mum and find my dad.

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