a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


5. zayn

hey guys, when i saw your comments saying it shouldn't end this way, i figured i would go to zayn and, kylies, and the other boys point of view, thanks for reading it, fan me, fave the book, i love you all

love vanvan


zayns POV


as i hold savannahs lifeless body in my arms i cry until morning, i text niall to come and meet me at savannahs house, kylie comes with him, when they see savannah kylie starts crying, niall and i hug her until she stops crying

"what happened" she asks when she sits next to her on the front porch

"slender killed her, we were walking, almost here and he came out and killed her" i said tearing up again

"what happened to slender" niall hugged me tight

"i shot it til it was motionless on the ground, i sang to savannah in my arms before she passed on, the wood from a broken fence stabbed her here and here" i point to her shoulder and upper stomach

"im gonna miss her so much" kylie hugged me tight, i hugged her, niall joined as the other boys ran up to us, they join into the group hug, i see lou start to cry too, i smile at him through tears, he smiles back, he liked her as much as i did, but he didnt see her die, it was worse for me i guess

"are we going to have a funeral" liam said as we break away from the hug

kylie and i shook our heads at the same time

"she said she wanted a moment of silence and for us to sing moments, then irresistible for her" i choke out crying, "i can still here her lovely voice in my head, singing, i can still see her dancing to rap and hip hop, i laugh to myself at the thought of it, ill never forget her, she was my love, my heart, my reason to be, i miss the moments we spent together, when she cuddled next to me during the movie yesterday, i wish i told her that before she left me"

"that was beautiful" louis said crying

"did i say that out loud, omg i am so embarrassed"

"there's nothing to be embarrassed about, and always remember, she will always be with you in here" he puts his hand over my heart, i hug him and cry harder than ever

"thanks, i needed that" we surround savannahs body in a circle, join hands and we all sing moments, then irresistible, we bury her body next to the house, i had already told her parents, they went inside crying

"ok, lets go lads, bye kylie" niall says quietly, kylie hugs niall goodbye, and the rest of us, and walks home as we walk to the bus right outside the woods, now where ever i go, i carry savannahs pocket knife she had in her pocket, and the ring she gave me on a chain around my neck, and i say quietly to myself

"goodbye love, i love you"

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