a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


10. slenders back

savannahs POV


its been two months since i came back to life, and we come home, zayn lou and liam take me to my house while kyky, niall and harry go to her house

"savannah, you ok" zayn asks me when i look around, its mid day, but im still cautious

"yeah, better than you were coming out of the woods" he laughs and holds me close, lou comes up behind me and picks me up

"lets run, i got my treasure" he throws me over his shoulder and runs

"lou, she's my girlfriend" zayn shouts and runs after us

"louis, put me down" i say slapping him in the back of the head

"no way, not until we get to your house" he runs faster

"louis, you cant just run around kidnapping random girls" liam says catching up

"yes i can" lou yells back, i laugh as we run up to my house, louis puts me down and zayn runs into me, we fall to the ground

"zayn, that hurt" i say laughing as liam pulls me up, a boy about my age runs out of my house to me

"savannah, i need you" he says, his blonde hair in his face and his steel blue eyes terrified

"im sorry, do i know you" he looks surprised

"yeah, im your cousin Anthony" he says putting his hands to his chest

"oh yeah, its been so long, but whats going on" he takes my hand and pulls me inside to the living room, as soon as i see my parents skinned alive i turn away about ready to throw up

"do you know what happened" he says confused

"no i don't, i have no clue" i say walking out, crying, zayn runs to me as soon as i get out of the house

"what happened, is everything alright" i shake my head crying, i pull him into the house, lou and liam follow, i turn away before they go in the living room, i cant look at it

"oh my, savannah, i am so sorry" liam hugs me, i squeeze him tight, he has been like a big brother to me, even more than the rest of the  boys, i guess that's why i like him so much

"im calling harry, they need to come down here" louis walks out dialing harry

"i cant stay in this house, im going to get the rest of my things, like, right now, zayn come with me" i let go of liam and he goes outside while zayn follows me upstairs, Anthony is in the backyard doing something

"how much stuff do you have" he says before we go into my room

"not much more, just a few things" i grab a duffle bag for the rest of my clothes and shoes

"do you think slender man came here looking for you, do you think he is alive, what if.." i cut zayn off from finishing

"zayn, calm down, im sure im going to be fine, if he comes back we know what we need to o" i look at zayn sadly, knowing i would have to die again, he shakes his head and collapses on the bed

"don't say stuff like that savannah, i cant lose you again" he accidently rolls off the bed and groans after a few seconds

"zayn, you know i love you more than anything" his arms wrap around my legs when i try to step over him to get to the other side of the room

"don't leave me" he cries into my jeans

"im not going anywhere except for my dresser" he laughs and lets me go, i pack my nook tablet, a few of my regular books, and my back up phone incase this one broke

"you always know how to cheer me up, and i love you too" he walks over to the door, i meet him there zipping up my bag

"come on, lets get out of this freak house" i say running down the stairs

"savannah, lets get out of these woods, before something bad happens" kylie runs up to me and pulls me along

"ok, ok, calm down" i say quickly walking, the boys catch up to us and keep at my pace, kylie leading the way

"did you hear that" harry says stopping

"come on, we don't have time for this" louis pulls him along

"no, i hear it too" liam says

"come on, the sooner we get out of here the better" i speed up to a jog, zayn comes to my side and i run when i hear footsteps

"aahhh" i scream as i see slender man coming up behind us

"run, were almost out" kylie says, we run as fast as we can until we hit the side walk, then slender man jumps in front of us, tentacles out, about thirty feet long, standing between us and the bus, looking down at me with his white, plain face, no eyes, nose, or mouth

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