a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


11. night mare

zayns POV


when slender man jumps out in front of us i pull savannah close to me, she is holding my arms wrapped around her shoulders, he just stares at her, a tentacle reaches over to her, and she just stares at it, so i pull her away, the lads get in front of me and savannah, kylie comes back with us

"leave her alone" liam shouts, the thing backs off a little, the boys walk closer and closer to it, i stay here with savannah and kylie, protecting them both

"zayn, what does it want from me" savannah asks

"im not sure" i say, putting one of my arms around kylie and pulling her close too

"can we get to the busses now" kylie whimpers stepping behind me, grabbing my shirt

"i think we can, but lets walk around" i start to lead them around and liam catches the hint and starts to back slender into the woods, we make it to the buses, savannah and kylie get in one and i close the door behind them

"come on" i yell to the lads, they turn and run to me, niall and i get in the bus with kylie and savannah, and the other three get in the other one, i finally stop looking out the window when we start moving again

"zayn" savannah comes over to me and hugs me tight, i hug her back

"its ok, we're going to be fine" i pick her up and carry her to he bunks, i set her on a bed and sit with her until she falls asleep, ten niall comes in with kylie, i meet him out in the sitting room in ten minutes to eat something

"so, savannah was pale when slender came earlier" niall says coming in

"i know, it almost made me cry to see her that way, i feel horrible still" i say looking at the closed door to the bunks

"well, want anything, im goin to the fridge" niall gets up and i shake my head


savannahs POV


after zayn left when he thought i was asleep niall walked with kylie, i pretended i was asleep for ten minutes until he left, kylie was really asleep, so i got out my i pod and head set and listened to music, mostly secrets by one republic and imagine dragons demons

"savannah, what are you doing" i hear kylie say faintly through the loud music from my head set

"what" i say confused

"i thought you were asleep" she sits up and says rubbing her eyes

"you think i can sleep right after that" i say loudly, then lower my voice so niall and zayn wont here

"yeah, im the one with nightmares, but im at least trying to sleep" she says, that is so true, and i laugh

"but its me he is after, i cant sleep anymore, just don't tell zayn, or anyone please" i beg, and i don't usually beg, and she knows that

"ok, i wont, but get some sleep or i will" she points to my i pod, and then cruise comes on by Florida Georgia line

"fine, but if he gets me its your fault" i joke with her, she laughs but gets serious in a matter of seconds

"but seriously, go to sleep for a while" i take my head set off and stop the music, lye down and close my eyes

my dream starts out with me hanging out with zayn, we are walking through some woods at night and hear foot steps, or i do, he doesn't seem to notice, when i turn around there is no one there, so i expect it is a raccoon or something

"are you ok" zayn asks taking my hand

"yeah" i say and walk a little faster, i hear foot steps again, and when i turn around nothing is there, i look around, nothing

"you sure, you look pretty on edge" zayn squeezes my hand making me jump

"i keep hearing foot steps, but no one is there" i say looking up at him

"i think you are just hearing things because all i can here is us" he says and walks slower, forcing me to walk with him, my heart starts pounding in my chest, the only thing im really afraid of is the unseen, like right now

"no, i am hearing breathing, and foot steps" i walk faster by a lot, pulling him behind me, he jerks away and stares at me as i turn to face him

"stop, this is insane, no one is out here savannah" he yells, he has never yelled at me before, i turn and start walking again, i hear footsteps and urn expecting zayn to be trying to catch up with me, but i see a nine foot tall figure with thirty foot long tentacles and a white face, it looks like a tall man wearing a tuxedo and white mask, but when i see zayn on the ground behind him i scream

"savannah, savannah wake up" i wake up and zayn is shaking me, im soaked with sweat, his face is pale from worry, i hug him tight

"what happened" i say quietly, crying,  it quickly turns to a sob when i think of zayn lying dead on the ground in my dream

"you were having a nightmare, i have never seen you like this, i was so worried when kylie came and got us" i see kylie and niall standing next to him

"it was horrible" i just manage swallowing the huge lump in my throat, still crying in his shirt i think of what really happened, the night i died, and think i shouldn't even be here, that every one of them will die because of me

"don't worry, i got you" zayn starts stroking my hair, and i know the only way to prevent them from dying was to sacrifice myself, to slender man

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