a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


2. movie

after the movie im afraid to be in the dark alone, i was in zayns arms the whole time, Lou  pulled me over to him when i wasn't in zayns arms, it was funny, when we met kylie harry niall and liam at the ice cream parlor kylie was nearly asleep in nialls arms, he was smiling looking down at her, when he saw me he laughed and blushed, i sat down next to harry

"how was the movie?" he asked me

"the whole time i was in either of their arms, when zayn released me lou grabbed me" i laughed, zayn and louis blushed and pulled me out of my chair and dragged me to a table on the other side of the room, zayn sat on me so i couldn't get up, he sat in bridal position with his arms around me, i just laughed as lou sat on zayn also in bridal style, opposite of zayn, i could hear kylie laughing from the other side of the place, i was crushed, everyone laughed so hard when i picked both guys up and dropped them on top of the table where we were sitting, i walked over and sat next to harry as zayn and lou untangled themselves, i looked back and laughed as zayn fell off the table

"wow you're strong" liam said grabbing my arms, "show us your biceps

"kylie once said they were as big as louis'" kylie laughed as i smiled back at her, i showed them, lou walked over to compare them, his were slightly bigger than mine, when i relaxed, my arm looked like skin and bone

"zayns embarrassed you have larger biceps than he does" harry pats zayn behind me, he laughed

"hey, i work out an hour a day, so" i say hugging zayn and sitting on his lap, he hugs me and squeezes me tighter and tighter, im laughing too hard to do anything about it, louis jumps on me and hugs both of us with all his might, i can hardly breathe, zayn is laughing at me, and i can hear everyone else laughing too, i cant help but laugh, i start coughing and they both let go, i start laughing while coughing, im still sitting on zayns lap, he kisses me on the cheek  and i hear someone whistle

"hey!" i turn in kylies direction, she's laughing so hard, and i start laughing harder than ever, i turn to zayn, he smiles at me, his eyes are so beautiful, he gives me the "you're beautiful" look, i laugh, he laughs, i pull my phone out, its nine thirty, and it takes about half an hour to get home

"kylie, we need to leave, its nine thirty" i look at her, she nods and zayn looks me in the eyes

"want us to walk you home?" he asks

"yeah, but we have to walk through the woods" i look at him wide eyed

"slender mans gonna get ya" harry says laughing, "you and niall walk them home while we go back to the hotel, we are not walking out in the woods at night anymore" he says getting up, kylie and i hug him lou and liam and exchange numbers, they walk out, we follow them out and walk towards the big scary woods, where the evil slender man lurks

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