a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


7. making up time

"well, what do you guys wanna do" kylie asks as we get bored and tired

"i don't know, savannah" zayn looks at me

"what" i slap him

"you were dead two hours ago, you should have something you wanna do" i slump down into his lap as i think

"were not getting any younger here" lou points out, i look at him with a threatening look

"i can hurt you, i am stronger than i was before" everyone laughs, "im serious"

"sorry, its just the way you said it" harry pats my shoulder

"lets..." i stop to think again

"lets go eat" niall gets up and starts walking to grab kylies luggage to the bus, we all laugh

"that sounds like a great idea" i get up and help niall, kylie follows immediately and jumps on my back

"piggy back ride savannah" i laugh

"wait, savannah, do you wanna go get your things to come on tour with us" liam offers

"sure, i can see kylie is going" liam giggles

"ill come with you, we can meet you at the street out there" zayn offers and picks me and kylie off of the ground, we laugh as niall and louis pick up me kylie and zayn off of the ground, they put us down after me and kylie start to lose our balance

"ill come with you too" kylie says, we nod and walk off to my house

"you missed a lot of sad things while you were gone" zayn says. kylie nudges me, when i looked at zayn he is blushing, i put my arm around him as we walk, kylie puts her arm around my waist

"oh yeah, strolling in a forest" zayn laughs at me as i put my arm on kylies shoulder, he puts his arm around my shoulder and we walk that way the rest of the way there, making jokes as we think of them

"im hungry" i complain as we walk up to my house

"now be quiet, i don't want my parents knowing im alive" they nod and wait outside, i creep up to my room and pull out a suitcase and pack all of my clothes and shoes in it, and grab a duffle bag for my electronics and personal belongings, i quietly make my way back outside to zayn and kylie talking and laughing

"so, come on" zayn grabs my suitcase and carries it until we get a good distance away from the house, zayn keeps looking around wearily keeping me and kylie close

"whats wrong with you, you look paranoid" i say hugging him as he drags my suitcase, he looks at me and looks back at the forest

"nothing" he looks behind us and quickens his pace, we are almost through but i know why he is speeding up, he feels as if something is wrong, i can feel it too, the atmosphere has changed, it wasn't like this coming from kylies house

"youre worried, don't worry, ill protect you, and kylie" kylie giggles as we see the end of the forest, zayn smiles at me and relaxes a little, but he doesn't slow down til we are literally two feet away from the side walk, something grabs zayn and pulls him back, when i turn around lou is standing there holding zayn off of the ground

"haha, you should've seen your face" louis laughs, kylie and i laugh a little, but zayn looks pissed

"what was that" he screams and tries to hit lou when he gets back on the ground, louis runs behind me and kylie and holds us as zayn stands in front of me really pissed off

"that was kinda funny but scary at the same time" i admit

"what do you mean" lou laughs

"you weren't there when slender attacked me and zayn, it was terrifying, you wouldn't understand how scary it was, he was at least eight feet tall and had huge tentacles" i shiver at the thought

"and you don't know how scared i was when savannah died, i could barely stand at all for ten minutes, i just held her and did nothing but cry" he tears up, i run into his arms

"stop it youre gonna make me cry" he hugs me back

"now isn't that sweet" lou says picking kylie up and running to the busses

"savannah" zayn looks at me with the "your turn" look, i try to run but he picks me up and runs after louis laughing

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