a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


6. kylie

kylies POV


since savannah died i haven't eaten much, all i have been doing is texting niall and the boys and crying myself to sleep, its terrible i know, but she was my only friend, i miss her so much, i got a text from harry

<from harry> hey ky, you wanna come on the rest of the tour with us, were lonely and want someone else around, and zayn needs you, he is so sad every time we sing moments or irresistible he would start crying, i feel really bad for him

<to harry> i don't know if my parents will let me, where are you guys

its been two weeks since they left, i cant wait to see them again

<from harry> look out your window

i look out the window and they are just walking up to my house, i run downstairs and outside in my pajamas and give them all a giant hug, especially zayn, his eyes are red from crying, i run in to my mom to ask her, she says i can go, i run upstairs and pack two full suit cases of clothes, shoes, and everything else i need, i run back outside dressed and ready to go, but before we do, they wanna go by savannahs house, we leave my stuff outside the house and walk to savannahs

we walk in silence the whole way there, i stand close to niall, he holds me close as we get there, zayn puts his face in his hands and comes over to us, we give him a big hug and hold him, liam comes over and helps, then harry, then lou jumps on top of us and we fall to the ground laughing, at least zayn is cheered up, i missed them a lot, i missed zayns smile the most, he has the cutest smile, but he loved savannah, and i love niall, and savannah loved zayn, and niall loves me

"ky, where do you wanna go first" niall asks me as we get up and stand next to savannahs grave

"no where that we have memories with savannah" i whisper into nialls ear, he nods in agreement and we walk back to my house to get my stuff

"how much have you eaten it looks like you got skinnier" lou jokes around to lighten the mood

"haha, i have, but only because i throw up everything i eat, it started after savannah died, i cant eat anything except water without throwing it up" they look surprised at me, niall picks me up and runs the rest of the way back to my house, the boys laughing and running behind us, zayn in the back, he doesn't seem to be cheering up, but he is running and smiling, but its not a real smile, is he trying to hide everything like its not important

"save kylie" liam shouts as we get back to my house, niall puts me down and stands in front of me protecting me, i laugh, zayn sits on the porch

"she's my princess, im the knight, and you, are the beasts who guarded the princess" niall laughs and loses character, the boys charge and niall pulls me the other way, we go on for twenty minutes and then we're all too tired to do anything else, i walk over and sit next to zayn, who has been sitting there, watching us the whole time

"are you ok, i don't like seeing you like this" i put my arm around his waist

"i miss her so much, i wish she could come back and be mine forever and ever" he looks at me and actually smiles

"i missed your smile, and she was a great friend, i miss her too" he laughs and hugs me

"thanks ky, i don't know what id do without you" i check my phone

"its 11:11, everybody make a wish" i close my eyes and wish savannah could come back


zayns POV


when ky says make a wish i think, "i wish savannah could come back"


Harrys POV


i wish for savannah to come back


louis POV


i wish vanvan could be here again


nialls POV


i wish vannah could come back


liams POV


i wish savannah could come back for zayns sake


ky's POV


when i open my eyes savannah is walking down the path towards us, the boys still have their eyes closed, i quietly walk over to her, i put my finger up to my lips and lead her over to zayn, she quietly sits behind him, she puts her arms around his waist and hides behind him

"who is that, ky?" i laugh


savannahs POV


as i hide behind zayn he tries to figure out who it is

"omg just tell me who it is already" no body knows its me except kylie, the boys are confused

"babe, did you miss me" i say still holding onto him tight

"no way", he reaches behind him and tickles me and pulls me around into his arms and kisses me, i old him tight

"surprise" ky says hopping on zayns back

"group hug!!" lou shouts and jumps onto my lap as the rest of the boys pile on top of me and zayn

"we're so happy to have you back" lou says kissing me on the cheek

"im happy to be back, i missed you guys soo much" i hug them all tight

"i cant breathe" i hear zayn choke out, we laugh and untangle ourselves

"but how, you were dead, we buried you" harry points out, zayn looks at me, i look at ky

"11:11 is where if you make a wish, like we did, the thing you wished for was savannah coming back, and she did, its magical" she smiles at me, i laugh

"oh my gosh, are you serious" niall laughs

"ya think, i came back from the dead" we laugh and niall blushes, i hug him, i missed them so much

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