a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


4. death

when the four of us get to the woods, me and zayn have to take the left, and kylie and niall the right, we go our separate ways for the night, we have been walking for a while in silence now, when i hear footsteps behind us, i turn my head to see no one, zayn wraps his arm around me, i turn around and keep walking, its almost pitch black, and we only have a small flashlight to light our path, when i hear footsteps again it sounds closer, i stop and turn all the way around, taking the flashlight from zayn and pointing it where i heard the footsteps, again no one is there

"whats wrong" zayn asks hugging me, "you look paranoid" he takes the flashlight back

"i keep hearing footsteps behind us" i stand closer to him

"there's no body out here but us, now come on" we start walking again, every now and then i look back to see only trees, bushes, and darkness, every time i here something i jump

"don't worry, ill protect you from the wildlife" i laugh a little, he smiles down at me

"i feel safer already" he smiles and kisses me on the cheek, we start to see my house up in the distance, i start to walk more relaxed now, knowing we're almost there, then i feel cold breathing on the back of my neck

"aaahhhh!!!!" i scream and run ahead of zayn, i turn around to see a tall figure, about nine feet tall, wearing a tuxedo, and has a white face, zayn turns around, slender man pushes him out of the way and comes towards me, i turn around to run but trip on a tree root, before i can get up slender man wraps one of his tentacles around my neck and lifts me up to eye level, he squeezes my neck tighter, i try to scream but i cant, i hear a gunfire, slender turns around to see zayn with a gun aiming for its head

"drop her now" he yells , slender throws me into a jagged and broken fence, a piece of wood goes through my stomach, and one through my shoulder, zayn shoots slender until it is on the ground motionless, he drops the gun and runs over to me, he holds me in his arms as the life drains from my body, he is crying

"ill get you out of this just stay awake" he gets ready to pick me up, but i stop him

"take this" i hand him my diamond ring, "wear it for me" he takes it and puts it on, "i love you"

"i love you too" he says, he kisses me on the lips, and everything goes black


                                                                             THE END

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