a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


13. Countdown to death

Savannah's p.o.v.

as each day goes by I relax more and more, rarely I have nightmares anymore, when I do they aren't bad, and for like two weeks after the second slender attack I had horribly nightmares, but these ones now are just me and Zayn walking in the woods hearing only raccoons and wolves around us, no slender. I sit in bed thinking of suicide, would that help or make things worse, I need to find slender and sacrifice myself. I look at Kylie collapsed on the bed across from mine

"Savannah it's late" Kylie groans, I thought she was asleep

"not tired" I reply, she sits up and rubs her eyes

"get some sleep or I'll get Zayn" I hated it when she would use MY boyfriend to get me to do things, but I can't stay mad at her

"fine" I glare at her and lie down, I turn away from her and stare at the wall, right before I drift off I hear a bang on the window. I jump up and look at Kylie still asleep. With my heart racing I open the blinds to my window and see nothing, I check the one above me, nothing

"Kylie" I whisper and lightly shake her, she sits up and looks at me

"what's wrong" she asks

"I heard banging on a window I'm gonna check out your window" she nods and I open the blinds, we see nothing. I check the one above her, nothing. I quietly open the door to the sitting room where Zayn and Niall collapsed, I quietly walk past them and into the kitchen, I open our small fridge to see absolutely nothing but water and cheese, I tell you Niall and Zayn are pigs, this thing was full this morning and Kylie and I ate only some chips and yogurt today

"Savannah" I hear Zayn groan, I walk into the sitting room to see Zayn lying on top of Niall, not like he was when I walked by, but Niall is lying on his stomach on the couch and Zayn is on his back on Niall, I laugh at the sight

"wow" I whisper to myself, they were playing apples to apples earlier, I could see the game laid out  on the table

"I love you Kylie" Niall says in his sleep, I walk back in the bedroom part of the bus, I get Kylie and show them the hilarious sight, she takes a picture and sends it to me, I take one of their faces, luckily it didn't flash, Kylie run back into our room when Niall opens his eyes, we jump in bed  and pretend to be asleep, I feel someone climb into my bed, I fake snore, but super loud, Kylie laughs so hard

"I didn't know you snore" Zayn laughs and falls on me

"ugh really" then I remember the fridge, "you two are such pigs there is nothing left in that fridge" Kylie laughs again

"yeah I know it was mainly Niall" 

"excuse you" Niall corrects I laugh

"you took like all of it and shoved it in your pants before you went to sleep" Zayn laughs, his laugh is so adorable. Niall reaches in his pants and pulls out a small bag of grapes, correction my small bag of grapes

"ew" Kylie laughs

"those are mine" I whine, he throws them at me, they hit Zayn in the face, Niall backs up

"oh shit" Zayn playfully tackles him and I hear that bang again, but nobody seems to hear it but me, I look out the window and see.........nothing

"Savannah you ok" Zayn says coming up beside me, I close the blinds and nod

"I'm fine" I answer and lean against the wall, I pull out my iPod and look in my mirror, my hair looks like an Afro, I have small bags under my eyes and I have a new scratch on my neck, I must do these in my sleep


i jump and Zayn looks around, I look out the window behind me and see nothing, Niall opens their window and Kylie screams, Zayn holds me tight, we all see the thing we all fear most out the window of our moving bus


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