a day with slender

when Savannah goes on a date with a one direction member they run into slender man at a park. they need to get to a radio tower before he gets them. based on Slender The Arrival.... just awesomer


1. meeting up

Savannah's P.O.V.

 Me and Kylie were walking in the Mall... A.K.A. Walmart. its a small town, but everyone is expecting a one direction concert in about a week. we got front row tickets and back stage passes. we were finally going to meet them! when Kylie and I were on our phones... we literally an into them! I could tll Kylie was trying to keep calm because she LOVES Niall. I LOVE Zayn out of everyone on earth!!

"hi. who you texting", Zayn asked me.

"Taylor Swift, i said sarcastically

"Harry...." he said looking at Harry.


"just kidding its Johnny  Depp"i say looking down at my phone

"how many people do you know?!!?" Louis said taking my phone and started looking through my contacts. 'DANG!!, she knows JB, and lady gaga, demi lavato, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, josh Hutchinson, how did you get all of their numbers?" he looks at me surprised 

"im a part time actress, I've met all of the people on my contacts, i met iron man, the hulk, thor, Spiderman,  so yeah" they look at me in shock, "what?" i look at all of them, my phone buzzes, its from kylie, she said, "zayn looks like he likes you" i look at zayn, he looks at me like he's mesmerized, i blush a little and kylie nudges me with her elbow, i push her into the wall of the building next to us, she laughs and texts someone else, probably her mom

"i need to be home at ten, do you guys wanna go to the movies with us?" kylie asks smiling, i can tell she is about to scream

"sure, we don't have anything else to do" harry said

"but we were about to get new shoes" zayn and Louis say at the same time

"i can go with zayn and Lou to get shoes, i need new ones too, this is my last pair and i bought these two years ago" i reply

"and Liam niall and harry can come with me to the movies, she says walking away with her three musketeers and zayn Lou and me are left figuring out where to go

"you guys wanna go to vans first?" zayn nods and Lou grabs my arm smiling as he pulls me down the street, when i get out of Louis grip zayn grabs my other arm and runs ahead of Louis, i get out of their grip and run past both of them and stop in front of the store, i have to wait a few seconds til they finally get over to me

"wow you're fast" zayn says resting on the wall next to me

"well in every movie I've been im running for my life, I've been doing  that ever since i could walk, and I've been forced to sing in every movie, im so sick of my voice i listen to my own recordings all day" i walk into the store with them following me, i pick out a solid black pair oh high tops and a purple and green one, i pay and walk over to zayn and Lou, they just paid and were ready to head to the theater to wait for the others , i think they are watching a horror movie called slender, i chickened out and went shopping instead, she plays the game, and now there's a movie, next its a Halloween costume.

we sit outside the theater talking about the movie and what we think its like and how scary it is, then kylie runs out the door and tackles me out of my chair, she is shaking so hard she cant stand up

"omg it was so scary" she shivers just thinking about it, "he has ten tentacles, and is nine feet tall, and his face glows when he is close, and the main character looked like you savannah" she finishes as the other three come walking out laughing

"that movie was so scary oh my god" Liam says plopping down in a chair

"no way, now i wanna see it" i say sitting in the chair next to zayn

"yeah, you three can go see it and we can go to the ice cream parlor and calm her down" niall says patting kylie on the shoulder

"ok" zayn says as me and Lou follow him to the theater

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