Save Me Tonight (1D)

Abi James lived a hard life..Her dad killed her Mother and Older Sister by mistake. He starts getting drunk and he abuses his daughter what will happen to Abi? Will she be able to run away? Will she fall in love? I guess you have to start reading


3. Chapter 3

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So Here is the chapter:

*Abi's P.O.V.*

I went downstairs and sat next to Liam on the couch all eyes were on me It was awakward silence but Lou broke it and started talking about his love of Carrots..I actully liked it Lou is hilarious...Niall is really quite Harry sends me flirt stares Zayn makes funny face exprisions and Liam is just Daddy Direction

"So, Abi tell us about your self" Zayn told me
"Ok, Well my full name is Abi Edward James..I'm 17 years old. My favourite colours are Green,Orange,Blue,Dark Purple..I like playing video games and I guess there is nothing else about me to know" I said
"I'm hungry" Niall said making us laugh
"Me Too" Harry said
"What me to make you boys a sandwich" I asked standing up..They both nodded

I walked to the kitchen Went to the fridge I started putting cheese, butter, tomato, Lettuce and shoved them all into the bread and I was done I got 5 plates and put the sandwichs on them.

"Boys come here" I shouted so each one can take his sandwich
They all came running they all sat on the kitchen table and started eating

"Aren't you going to eat" Liam asked me
"No I am really not hungry" I answered back with a soft smile
"This is heaven" Niall said and took a big bite out of his sandwich..I laughed
"Thanks I guess" I said
"So What do you guys wanna do" Lou asked
"Lets watch a movie, who agrees" Harry asked\said
We all nodded in agreement.. they all finished eating Liam made popcorn and we all sat on the couch did I say they have 3 couches in the living room area? On the first couch sat Liam,Me and Zayn on the other one Niall, Lou and Harry
"So what  are we watching" I asked 
"World War Z" Zayn said and I started shaking (A\N: So I really don't like watching T.V. so I donot know any movies I just went on google and wrote Horror Movies and World War Z was the first one the cought my eyes now lets go back to the fanfic) 

Niall played the movie and we all sat down...I was shaking like HELL
"Are you scared love" Liam asked I nodded and the next thing I knew liam had his arms wrapped around my body
At the middle of the movie I slept in Liam's arms I felt so safe it felt so right like he was the one but look at me I am no one and he is Liam FREAKING Payne...Anyway I felt some one carry me and put me in a bed Today was one of the best days in my life

*Liam's P.O.V.*

When Abi when to make us sandwiches me and the lads started talking about her in a good way there is nothing bad about her

*Flash Back* 

"So lads, what do you think about Abi" Niall asked excited for thier answers
"She is really NICE" Lou shouted 
"Well, Quiet, shy but nice" Zayn said
"Pretty,Hot has the best body an-" Harry told us but I cut him off I can't let harry have her he is a nice guy but also could hurt her and well she was the girl for me and I know it 
"Harry Niall asked what do you think not discribe her body" I said and everyone started laughing hardly even Harry 
"Boys come here" I heard the Best voice in the world sing Abi's voice 

*End Of FlashBacks*

So we all sat and watched the movie Zayn picked I sat next to Abi she was shaking alot 

"Are you scared love" I asked looking in her colourful eyes they made me melt, She nodded I had no choice but to wrap my arms around her she looked so beautiful I and it felt so right to have her in my arms it felt like it is only us in the world. After the first 40 mins of the film Abi was asleep in my arms her hair was covering her face I tucked it behind her ears and carried her bridal style to my bed room I was so sleeping to take her to her room so I got her to mine I lay her on my bed and covered her she looked like an angle sleeping...I lay down next to her I really didnot bother to change all I did was wrap my arms around her I have to tell her that I love her..wait did I say Love?


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