Save Me Tonight (1D)

Abi James lived a hard life..Her dad killed her Mother and Older Sister by mistake. He starts getting drunk and he abuses his daughter what will happen to Abi? Will she be able to run away? Will she fall in love? I guess you have to start reading


20. Chapter 15

Before I start you guys need to know that: 


1.It has been a month since the fight happend which means that Zayn and Liam are ok now 

2.the date this chapter will be is 29th August  which is Liam's birthday 


NOW To THE CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






*Abi's P.O.V.*



It has been a month since I knew the guys, Everything has been great except that fight But now everything is awsome Lou and El. are getting married Pretty soon Harry is still dating lauryn .  Liam, Niall and Zayn Didn't. I dont know Each one of them keeps flirting with me Its a little weird but I just ignore them. Today well it's liam's birthday but also mine but no one knows that except Yara Lauryn and El. Right now I'm sitting in the living room I made breakfast but every one's still sleeping.


I heard footsteps. which means one of the boys woke up I looked behind me and it's Liam


"Morning birthday boy" I told Liam

"Morning" Liam said smilling

"Happy Birthday" I shouted causing everyone upstairs to shout things that I didn't get 

"Thank you" Liam said I hugged him he hugged back we let go when Harry came sitting next to me on the couch 

"Morning" me and Liam said

"Morning" Harry said 

"I think I'll go continue making breakfast" I said and wet to the kitchen

I started making Pancakes when I heard some one shout "FOOD" from upstairs I am pretty sure it's Niall. He came to the kitchen Shirtless I tried not to star but I failed 

"I want I want I want" Niall sang Pointing at the Pancakes

"But that's crazy" I said laughing and Niall laughed along 


I gave Niall a plate full of pancakes that could last me a week but for Niall it would not last 10 mins

Niall was eating like a pig I just didn't say anything cause last time I said that It ended up pretty white




We were all  sitting at the kitchen table  eating breakfast Niall was eating so fast I Couldn't believe my eyes 


"Niall do you know that you eat like a pig" I told Niall  He just stared at me then got up, Openned the fridge He openned the bag of flour and but it all over my head 


"Niall James Horan what did you just do" I shouted running to the  cupboard and taking the sugar and throwing it all over Niall's head

"Oh its on its so on" Niall said

"What did you do to my kitchen" Harry shouted as he came from the living room 

"He started" I Pointed at him

"But you said I eat like a p-" Niall was cut off by Harry

"It doesn't matter who started just clean this mess up" Harry said and left 


Me and Niall fell to the floor laughing like never before 




Now everyone was sitting around the kitchen table eating the pancakes I made 


"This is heavan" Zayn said 

"Um Thanks" I said 

"Whats wrong" Lou asked trying to be not funny

"N-nothing" I said 

"No there is something bothering you, What is it" Liam asked looking me in the eyes

"Nothing really" I said and put my plate in the sink

"Talk about it later" Liam asked I nodded 


I wasn't really gonna tell them its my 18th birthday today I couldn't.  El. Lauryn and Yara only know they told me theywont tell anybody so I'm not worried about them. I shock the thought of my birthday off my head. Today we were having a birthday party for Liam its gonna be Me, The lads, El, Lauryn and Yara 

I invited Yara cause she didn't know that Niall had a crush on her he still does I am thinking of getting them together. I think you all are wondering about Yara and she said she had a boyfriend but he cheated on her She called me that Night and I told her not to worry about him any more he broke her heart. 


Yara is still our friend she still hangs out with us all we went to the movies all of us, the mall and the fair it was really fun. I looked at the clock It read twelve thirty. Wow the boys woke up late today. Our little Party starts at 2. I went upstairs to my room To get ready I choose a Green dress That had flowers all over it with also black heels I went in to the bathroom Took a 15 mins shower I Blow dried my hair then curled it I put the Dress on and the heels  I looked in the mirror seeing the big scar on my neck No one saw it before It was always hidden by my cloth but now you could see it. I knew the guys wouldnt judge me They really wouldnt care. I saw a single tear comming down my cheek I wipped it away I put a smile on my face I put some lipgloss on and a light green Eye shadow on I looked good


I went out of the Bathroom and sat on my bed starring at the Ceiling Then my phone buzzed I got it I got a text from El


E: Me, Lauryn and Yara are downstairs we're comming to your room to get ready 

A: Ok I'm waiting 


after less than a minute there was a knock on the door I opennned it there stood The girls with hug bags with them I let them in and closed the door quickly behind them


Eleanor's P.O.V.


We arrived at the guys and Abi's Place. Yara knocked on the door Zayn answered it he smilled at us we smiled back We had our presents with us I guess everyone was getting ready Zayn went upstairs I also guess so he could get ready I Me and the girls put the present behind the big shelf in the living room and Ofco. we got presents for Abi and every one should know that her birthday is with Liam's I mean the girl deserves to have the best birthday too I text Abi telling her we arrived We agreed on getting ready with her we went upstairs and Abi openned the bed room door for us We went in side and put our bags on her bed to start getting ready


"Wow, you look awsome but I thought we would get ready together" I said

"Sorry I kinda forgot and thank you" Abi said we all hugged her Me, Yara andl auryn planned on actting like we forgot Abi's birthday 


We all got wore our dresses, heels and makeup 


I was wearing a Short black dress with black heels and my hair was in a High pony tail 

Yara was wearing a Shot blue dress with Blue heels and her hair was stright

Lauryn was wearing a red dress and red heels and her hair was also in a Ponytail

I looked at the clock it read 2 PM time to party.


"C'mon let's go" I said and openned the door we all went out and downstairs


I went to hug Liam and said happy birthday  Lauryn and Yara did the same


"Time for presents" Lou shouted causing us all to laugh I looked at Abi to find her putting a forced smile on her face  


"Ladys first" Harry said I smiled Me, Lauryn, Yara and Abi went to get our persents 


"Before I hand Liam his present we want to hand Abi her present" I said every one looked at me, yara and lauryn with a weird look but I shook it off my head


Abi's P.O.V.


"Guys" I said feeling embarrassed 

"Happy birthday" El. gave me a small blue box 

"Thanks but you really didn't need to do that" I said hugged El

"but I did now open it" El said and I openned the box there was a Beautiful Necklace that had a Heart shape on it

"Thank you so much" I said and hugged El

"What's going on" Niall asked

"Guys today's also Abi' birthday" Yara said 

"What" All the guys Shouted at the same time I just nodded. Then I got attacked but every one hugging me and sayig happy birthday

"Thanks guys" I said 


Every one gave their presents to Liam, lauryn and yara gave me their presents I thanked them I never really felt that happy before 


"Abi" Liam said

"Hmm" I answer

"Come with me" He said as he took my hand and we went upstairs to his room

"I need to tell you something" Liam said

"What is it" I asked



Dum Dum Dum I don't think I should continue this fanfiction But If I get more readers and comments I'll keep writing :)


Thanks Pancakes

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