Save Me Tonight (1D)

Abi James lived a hard life..Her dad killed her Mother and Older Sister by mistake. He starts getting drunk and he abuses his daughter what will happen to Abi? Will she be able to run away? Will she fall in love? I guess you have to start reading


1. Chapter 1

A\N: Hello guys so I have no Idea how to make this movella good but I will need your help :) so please tell your friends thanks now here is the first chapy




*Abi's P.O.V.*

Hi, my name is Abi I know you know that my dad killed my mum and older sister when I was 9 years old by mistake I don't remember how he killed them but since then my dad has changed he gets back everyday from work drunk and really late..I really used to love my dad but after he started hitting me and stabbing me in my stomach I can't stand him ....... Can I tell you a secret but you can't tell anyone? my dad Rapped me I hate him so much . right now he is not home and thats good that's my chance to run away I've packed all my stuff and I'm actully going right now I went up to my room I got my suitcase or you should say a bag but big and It's time for me to say good bye to my old life I lifted up my hoody and Openned the door and closed it right behind me I made sure no one saw me...I started walking and I stopped at starbucks..I openned the door thankgod I didnot forget to get my money and my mum's neckless I wear it all the time..anyway I ordered Hot chocolate and took it I sat on a table beside the window and took a sip from my hot chocolate I sat their wondering were I am going but I have no Idea..also I have no friends That sucks I know now I have time to tell you about me I have brown hair and greenish blueish eyes and I'm modal thin cause my dad feeds me twice aweek  and sometimes its once if he is mad at me ....Sometimes I wonder is that the person that told me he will protect me from everything and he will never hurt me? Now I just have nobody....I was tearing up when my favourite song Gotta Be You buy this british\irish boy band started playing I felt a weak smile on my face, I know you think I'm weird that I know about a band when I lived in hell...But I knew about them from the news...and also when my dad was sleeping I use the laptop that I used to have so I listend to some songs for them and other artists you know now is not the right time to talk about a boyband I need to think of where to stay...maybe a hotel While I was thinking two boys walked through the door with hoodys and sun glasses wait it's 7 pm who wears sunglasses when there is no sun one of these boys took his glasses off and he had blue eyes I knew I knew someone with the same face..wait it's Niall Horan ok I can't fangirl I can't fangirl Abi Breathe wanted to scream but I couldnot that would totaly make me look worse then I look...the other guy standing next to him also took off his glasses and that was Liam Payne ok now I can't keep calm I started jumping up and down in my seat but then I had to stop people were starring at me I think they don't know who is standing  by the door.......They walked to the table right behind me Liam looked at me and smiled I blushed like Crazy! I stood up from my table and went to the cashier I wanted another Hot Chocolate I took my other cup and when I turnned around I saw Liam in my face


"Hi love" Liam said

"Hello" I answered back and Liam walked away with a smile 


I sat back at my table and started drinking my Chocolate again after a min or 2 Liam and Niall sat on my table infront of me (Ahhhh)...Fangirling from inside normal from outside 


"Can I help you" I said with a wide smile

"Well we are bored and you are the only teenager her so we could talk are we a bother" Niall said

"Nope" I said 

We all sat and said NOTHING there was awakward silents but Liam broke it 


"So,What's your name love" Liam asked

"Abi James" I said with a forced smile 

"Nice name" Niall said thanks

"So umm..Do you live near here" Liam asked 

"Can I trust you boys" I asked the both looked at me an nooded "Well I kinda ran away from home" I said with a single tear coming down my face

"Why is that love" Niall asked

"I can't live with my dad anymore he hurts me and he killed my mum and sister I'm afried one day he could kill me" I said all in one breath 

"Do you have a place to stay" Niall asked

I nodded a no I saw thier faces getting sad 

"Would you like to stay with us until you find a place to live in" Liam asked

"No No I wouldn't wanna be a bother I mean you guys are famous and need your privite time at home" I said as much as I wanted to go with them 

"No please come" Niall said hopefully

"Ok" I said with a wide smile

"Let's go" Niall said...we got up the boys wore thier glasses again still weird 




-Niall's food xx


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