Different...a love story💗

This is an One Direction story..duh.
Anyways here are a few pointers:
1. Niall just moved to London from Ireland.
2. Niall gets abused by his father,bobby.
3. Harry has a dark secret.
4. Louis has anger issues.
5. Liam is gay..but no one knows.
6. Zayn Is dating Perrie.


1. Beginnings

Zayn: yo,there's gonna be a new student.

Perrie: A boy or a girl?

Harry: a boy I think...

Louis: SHUT UP!!!

Harry: but I didn't do-

Louis: not you haz... -puts ear to door and listens-

Teacher: Welcome to Mckinley! What's your name?!

Niall: Niall Horan...

Teacher: so your from Ireland!

Niall: yes

Teacher: cool! -opens door-

Louis:  -runs back to his seat-

Teacher: this is Niall,make him feel welcome..sit besides the boy in the green.

Niall: -sits down-

Liam: -smiles and blushes-  hi I'm Liam!

Niall: -smiles- nice to meet you


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