Emblem3 fanfiction

So basically, i really like Emblem3 and i decided to write a fanfic about them (:


15. The Red Carpet party c:

Heather's View.

After Wes and Drew left the room to go get ready for the Red Carpet party, Keaton said

"We're going to do something to celebrate our single Chloe getting to number 1." with a little wink. We've been together for litterally 2 months, and we didn't do anything dirty yet. Was he going to tonight? I couldn't stop thinking about what it could be, even when i picked out my light pink strapless dress with the bottom in the back longer than the front. I wore matching gold sandals to go with the gold belt. I curled my hair and clipped my bangs back. I drew a cat-eye on and put on some lipgloss. Then i looked over at him. He was slipping on a pair of dark grey skinny jeans. He was just so cute. I still couldn't believe that the adorable guy standing there was my boyfriend. He slipped on a maroon tee-shirt over his head and then put on some black supras. He sprayed that Axe again that i loved. Then we went down the hall to find Wes and Drew. I still cringed at the thought of Wes. I still didn't know what the heck his problem was. But i decided to stay away from him at the party. I saw him and Drew in the Living Room. Wes was wearing a black Neff hat and a matching black Neff hoodie. Keaton went to the bathroom, Leaving me alone with Wes and Drew. Drew ended up going in the kitchen to get himself something to eat so i was stuck with Wes. He started to circle around me and i felt his eyes on me, practically burning holes through me. I watched him as he began to speak. I felt myself tense up again.

"Hey." Wes said cooly. He didn't even seem to remember how mad he got me earlier this morning. "Hi." I shot back. I wasn't in the mood to talk to him. I never dropped my gaze. I was scared he would do something. I watched his every move, preparing myself to run away if he pulled anything. Im positive he saw that i wasn't happy he was talking to me.

"Still mad about this morning? My bad. Didn't know you would get so mad. I just wanted to know if you would do me, that's all." He said still cooly. I couldn't believe he was acting like it was no big deal. Drew poked his head from around the corner in the kitchen and said to Wes,

"Woah.. Wes! Did i hear that right?" Wes just kinda stood there.

"He was being a dork, that's all." I said, trying not to get Drew involved in this.

"I didn't mean that i wanted to- it just came out wrong! I swear! I mean, you are pretty, i just was wondering. I wouldn't ever do my brother's girlfriend. I just didn't think before i said it. Sorry." Wes replied, desperatly trying to regain my trust. I didn't let my guard down. He could easily be just saying this because Drew was in the room. I mean yeah he explained why he asked the question, but he still was touching me in dirty places. He didn't explain that.

"That isn't exactly what bothered me the most. It bothered me how you were touching me." I said letting go of what i've kept bottled inside. Drew looked shocked.

"Look, I'm sorry. Sometimes i just don't think before i do something." Wes admitted.

"Yeah, he does do that." Drew agreed. Then Keaton came out of the bathroom.

"You guys ready?" He asked us.

"Yeah buddy!!" I answered.

"Let's do this!" Drew replied as we walked out of the door and into Wesley's Jeep. Driving up to the party, we all pointed out the famous people we recognized automatically. We were all in awe that we were there with them all. We saw Austin Mahone,Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, Basically all of the people i love and look up to. I stayed by Keaton's side the whole time because i was scared the crowd would eat me up and i would get lost. I absolutly hate getting lost. And if i'm lost and alone Wes could get me. I still didn't forgive him for that- i think he only said those things because Drew was there. Me and Keaton sat down at one of the party tables they set up so that people could sit and talk. A few of his friends came up to us and greeted us with a smile as they said "Aw Keats is this your girlfriend?"

"Yeah." Keaton replied with the biggest grin spread across his face.

"She's SO cute Keaton!" They said. Never in a million years would i think i would be called cute by a bunch of 20 year olds. After his friends left, Selena Gomez came strolling up to us.

"Hey guys!" She said smiling. I couldn't believe it. I never thought i would ever see her in person. Keaton interduced me to her and she smiled and said "Hi Heather." She was so nice. She seemed like a really awesome person. We started talking and it seemed like we knew each other for ages, but in reality, we just met. When she said she had to go, she gave me her number and told me i could hang out with her sometime. It was absolutely crazy. Then Keaton said it was getting late. I looked at my phone to see it was already 10:45 pm. I agreed and he said we would get Wes and Drew and then leave. I saw Drew with some girl and decided I'd just text him instead of making things awkward.

'Hey Drew, we're going to leave soon! come meet us by the car (:' I texted. Then i waited. Two seconds later he replied 'K, be there in a few.' We all stood by the car and then saw Drew casually strolling up. "Finally!" I let out without thinking. Woops. Drew laughed a little.  We piled into the Jeep and then took off. The whole ride i couldn't help but wonder what Keaton was planning to do with me to celebrate. I wanted to ask, but i didn't want to seem like i wasn't patient enough to find out later. Then we finally rolled into their driveway. Time to find out!


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