Emblem3 fanfiction

So basically, i really like Emblem3 and i decided to write a fanfic about them (:


7. The hook up

Keaton's View.

After she ate some more macaroni, she dropped a bit on her shirt. She tried to wipe it off with a napkin but it smeared. "Hey, i got a shirt you can wear instead" I said. She smiled and then she replied "Really? That would be awesome." I took her to my room and got a white v-neck that happened to say E3 on it in light blue letters. She came in behind me and shut the door. I threw her the shirt and she caught it. She took off her other shirt. She was only wearing a bra under it. I felt my face get hot and i looked at the ground. She put the shirt on over her head and then asked me "Where do i put this one?" I took it and put it in my dirty clothes basket. I promised her i would wash it for her. The shirt i gave her fit her perfectly- it was weird. Then we went back to the kitchen and finished eating the macaroni. We started to wash the dishes, but Wes came in and said he'd do it for us. I didn't know why he did that but hey, we got out of doing something. I pulled Heather to the couch with me. I turned on the TV and turned the channel to Adventure Time. When the theme song began to play Heather said "Oh man i love this show!" Then i said

"Yeah, me too." Then we fist-bumped. I finally found a girl to watch Adventure time with. I knew Heather was cool when i first saw her. Guess i was finally right about something. Pretty soon, i looked at the clock and it was already 7pm. "Shouldn't you be getting home soon little lady?" I asked Heather. "Nah- my parents don't really care where i am. Most of the time they're just out drunk or something dumb like that." I suddenly felt really bad for her. I couldn't think of anything to say. Then Drew came in and said "Yo! I just ordered some pizza. There's enough for you guys too." I nodded my head at him and Heather thanked him. She was a really sweet girl, i felt so bad about how her parents were like that. Wes came out of the garage with an armful of sodas. He got the big bottles and Drew came behind him with some cups. They laid them on the coffee table and we chilled for a bit untill the pizza came. When it did, Drew got it and paid him. He came back in carrying 2 pizzas in his arms. As soon as he set them down, we all reached for it at once. We all started laughing because we all went for the same one first. Eventually the first pizza was gone. Wes looked at Heather and said "Dang girl! you can eat!" 

"Yeah, I'm really hungry." She replied.

"How can you still be hungry after you ate all that Mac?" He asked. I was wondering the same thing. "Well.. i just don't really get full." She said. We all just sat there kind of suprized. We've never really met a girl that eats as much as we do. Then Wes asked her more questions.  

"Do you eat loads of weiners?" Wes asked.

"Uh.. i guess." She said not really getting he didn't mean hot dogs.

"Do you want Keaton's?" Wes asked. I turned red. Why would he ask something like that?

"Uh.. sure?" She said.

"Oooh Keaton! She wants the D!!" Wes joked. Heather didn't think he ment that kind of weiner. I was holding a hot dog so i could see why she didn't think that he ment the other kind.

"Wes! Stop it man!" Drew said. I'm glad Drew's here sometimes. If he wasn't who knows what Wes would do. Especially knowing how dirty he can be.

"Well.. I just have one more question for you." Wes said. I braced myself for whatever dirty, nasty, creepy question he was about to ask. But was Heather ready? I don't think she was. Then Wes asked "Would you ever date each other? Ya'll would be real cute." His question caught me off guard. I didn't know how to respond at first. I'd just see what Heather said first.

"Yeah, he's just so cute, and he can sing! He's a good kisser too." She replied. I turned red. She just said she would date me! Then everyone's eyes landed on me and waited for me to answer Wesley's question. I thought about what i should say for a minute. Then i spoke slowly.

"Yeah, she's really cute. I'd go out with her." I said.

"Then what's stopping you?" Wes asked. I took it as my cue.

"Heather... Will you go out with me?"

"Yes!!" She said happily. If Wes didn't say anything, I'd probably still be hitting on her and not knowing if she liked me back. It was his idea to kiss her too. That's what made me tell her i like her. My face started to hurt because i was smiling so big, and i couldn't stop. Then i hugged her close to my chest. She was finally mine. Everything was absolutely perfect.



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