Emblem3 fanfiction

So basically, i really like Emblem3 and i decided to write a fanfic about them (:


12. Out

Jasmine's View.

Keaton was going out with Heather? I knew Chloe's friend would always have a chance with some celebrity one day. She always got what she wanted. I can't believe she found Keaton before i did. I was supposed to meet him at a meet and greet and he was supposed to fall in love with me! But i guess Heather found him first... How did she even meet him? Heather's parents never let her hang out with Chloe, or even sleep over. I don't understand how she was able to be with him right now.

Heather's View.

I looked over at Keaton and saw Chloe's younger sister talking to him. I walked over because i wan't sure what was going on. Keaton looked at me and said "Is this a friend of yours?"

"Kinda, She's Chloe's younger sister.. why?"

"She tried to get me to kiss her..."

"JASMINE!! Don't you know better than to do that?"

"I-i didn't know.." she studdered.

"She knows now." Keaton answered firmly. I just couldn't believe it. Keaton grabbed my hand and we walked away. We went to the food court and got something to eat. I was still sorting through what happened in my mind. I can't believe she actually asked him to kiss her.. like even if i wasn't dating him i wouldn't do that. I guess she's just really confident about that.. Kind of reminded me of how confident Wes was when he walked up to Chloe. Me and Keaton were both shy when it comes to talking to hot people, but we've gotten better since we've been dating.  Just then i got a message on my phone telling me to go back home immediatly. My parents never told me to do that before so i knew it must be important. Keaton saw that i had a sad expression on my face and asked "What''s wrong?"

"My parents.. They want me to go home.." I studdered still trying to understand why they would say that. "Oh.. Alright, I'll drive you home i guess." He said looking down, obviously trying not to cry. He was adorable, i didn't want to leave him. But i didn't want to get in trouble with my parents. We got into my car and pulled out of the mall parking lot. The whole time he kept saying it was fun hanging out with me and everying. It made me feel awful about leaving him. We slowly rolled up to my house and then we hopped out of the car. He walked me to the door and i turned the key and opened the door. As soon as i stepped in i set down the bag of clothes i brought to Keaton's house. My parents heard me come home and came down the stairs immediatly. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOUNG LADY!?!" They screamed.

"I was at my boy-" I started to say but got inturrupted by my parents. Their angry outburst knocked me off guard. I wasn't sure why they were so mad, but i decided to keep as calm as i could. "DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE LIKE THAT AGAIN! DO YOU HEAR ME!?!" They screamed.

"I.. I-" I couldn't get out any words. Fear gripped all the words i wanted to say and kept them down. "You know, I'm tierd of all your shit!" They said. I started to back away but i fell. I was in the corner and they surrounded me. There was no way out. They began to slap me with their angry hands. I had no idea what was happening. Just then a sound came out of my mouth that was a mix between a scared animal and a scream. I wasn't sure it was me at first. Then Keaton came running into the house. "STOP IT! STOP IT!!!" He said. They backed away from me for a second. I took that as a chance to get away from them. I ran to my room. "I've  got to get out of here' I thought to myself. I started to pack all my stuff into some suitcases. I'm not staying here any longer. I don't want to be seperated from Keaton any more. I grabbed anything and everything i would need to live anywhere else but here. I gathered up my suitcases and ran out of the door. Keaton followed me out. We put my bags in the back while my parents screamed out any insult they could think of. "Fine! Get out! I don't want you in this fucking house anyways! You're worth as much as a pile of shit! No one will ever love you! Don't even worry about your hair, no one cares about you!" The screamed. I tried blocking it out, but it kept peircing into my ears anyways. I went into the car and Keaton got in the driver's seat. We drove out of there as fast as we could. I was quiet most of the car ride because i was thinking about all that just happened. Then it dawned on me that i didn't live with my parents anymore. "Keaton? Am i going to live with you now?" I asked nervously. I was still scared of being yelled at even though i knew Keaton wouldn't yell at me. "Yeah, maybe then you could actually know you were safe.." He said calmly. "Thanks Keaton. You really are the best." I said trying my best to stay positive. My parents really took away most of my self- confidence. I was feeling incredibly insecure. I was sure Keaton knew this, because he said " You know, all that stuff they said wasn't true. You're beautiful, i care about you. You are worth something. Don't listen to them. I love you. I don't want to ever hear anyone tell you anything that isn't true like they did ever again." I just nodded because i was at a loss for words. It felt weird having someone be nice after you just got pelted with every insult and thing that would tear someone down. I felt safe with Keaton. I felt like as  long as i was with him nobody would say anything like that to me. We pulled into his driveway and walked into his front door.

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