Emblem3 fanfiction

So basically, i really like Emblem3 and i decided to write a fanfic about them (:


10. Meeting Chloe

Keaton's View.

She sat next to me and I started to tickle her. I knew she was really ticklish already. She began to laugh and she said stop, so i did. I didn't want her to urinate herself. She moved from her spot on the bed to my lap. She sat in my lap and looked into my eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly. Her head rested on my chest. Then she sat up and i began to suck on her neck. I wasn't aware of what i was doing, but after i realized i had just given her a hickie. If Wes ever found out, He'd probably be proud of me. She didn't seem to mind that her neck's skin was now sensitive. She started to lean closer to me and then she kissed me. We started to make out. Right in the middle of it, Drew came in and asked us if we knew where his brush was.

"Uh, no. Maybe Wes does." I said. Heather stopped kissing me when Drew came in and he just kind of looked at us in a way i couldn't explain. It made me feel bad somehow. But i don't know what the look ment. After he walked out, We layed down. "Good night baby." I whispered.        "Good night Keatty cat!" She replied. I laughed a bit. I liked that name. Heather kissed me one last time before she went off to bed. After she fell asleep, Wes came in quietly and handed me a glass of warm milk. He knew that that stuff knocked me out. "Thanks bro." I said. I woke up the next morning in a good mood. I got up careful not to wake up Heather. I picked up a white shirt that said Meow and some black skinny jeans. I put a grey beanie on after i brushed my hair. As i sprayed the Axe, Heather began to wake up. I walked over to her and said

"Good Morning Beautiful!" I said cheerfully.

"Hey there hot stuff" She said in reply. She sat up and started stretching. Then she got up and looked in her bag she brought along and pulled out some clothes. She pulled out a black spaghettie stap tanktop and a high waisted skirt with floral print. She straightened her hair and drew a line out with her eyeliner and told me it was called a 'cat eye'. I already liked it. She looked beautiful. After she was done we walked down the hallway to see if Wes was ready. He was wearing a tanktop with that was white and purple with a matching hat. He wore some Axe too, but it didn't smell as good as mine. We left in Wesley's truck and I could tell he was excited to meet Chloe. We got there and Heather led us over to Chloe. Wes introduced himself and he didn't even seem nervous. He's always so confident with girls. I wish i could be. Wes seemed to hit it off with Chloe.

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