Emblem3 fanfiction

So basically, i really like Emblem3 and i decided to write a fanfic about them (:


13. Cooling off.

Keaton's View.

We walked through the door and Wes and Drew looked up at us from the couch in the living room. "What happened to you!" They asked Heather. She started to tear up and then the tears streamed down her face. It was the first time she let all her feelings out. I'd never seen her cry before.        "Let's not talk about that.." I suggested. I didn't want to make Heather feel any worse. I pulled her in for a hug and she began crying on my shoulder. I felt awful that her parents didn't have a heart and made her cry. It was then i swore not to treat my kids like that. I would never be able to forgive myself. Wes mouthed "What happened?" To me and i mouthed back "Tell you later." Wes just nodded in return. I picked Heather up bridal style while she was still sobbing. I took her to my room and i sat on the edge of my bed. She slowly fell asleep in my arms. I stroked her hair gently and then laid her under the covers. I pulled the covers up to her chin and whispered quietly "Goodnight my angel." I wasn't sure how she could sleep after all of that just happened, but somehow she managed to. I left the room when she was absolutely knocked out. I walked down the hallway and Wes called me over to him.

"So what did happen?" He asked. He obviously couldn't wait to find out.

"Her parents were beating her.." I said looking down. I didn't want to think about it.

"Oh.. poor girl. What did you do?" He asked looking at me intensly staring at me waiting.

"I was starting to walk away, but then i heard a scream. I ran back to the house and opened the door to see her in the corner with her parents standing over her and beating her. I ran in and told them to stop, and Heather ran and got all of her stuff and we left. While we put her stuff in the back her parents were yelling all these awful things at her." I said trying to push the images out of my mind. "Woah. Does she live with us now?"

"Yeah, guess so. Do you want to help me make some cookies for her when she wakes up?"

"Can I help?" Drew asked.

"Sure! Let's do this!" Wes said. We made the dough and Wes got the bag of chocolates and dumped almost all of it in the bag. Me and Drew just started at him and Drew said

"Woah, got enough chocolate?"

"Girls like chocolate!" Wes said in defense. After we finished, we began to shape the cookies. I looked over at Wes after working on mine for awhile.

"Uh.. Wes? What is that?" I asked. Drew looked over and started laughing.

"It's.. it's a butterfly." He said.

"That is not a butterfly." I argued.

"Well.. It's definatly not a dick." Wes said. I shook my head at him and then went back to making a cat out of my dough. I couldn't figure out what Drew's were supposed to be. They looked like huge blobs. I decided not to ask. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. We put them in the oven and 45 minutes later they were done. We put them on a plate, and Drew poured her a glass of milk. We walked into her room and said "Wake up!! We have cookies!" She fluttered her bright hazel eyes open. She sniffed the air and said "Smells good, thanks guys!"

"Sorry for that inappropriate one, Wes made that one." I said.

"There is nothing wrong with Butterflies!" He argued. Heather picked up the cat one i made. "Aww Keaton!! This is SO cute!" She gushed.

"Thanks darling!" She ate them and drank her milk.

"I saved one for each of you.. Don't worry Wes, there's one of your 'butterflies'." She said. I still didn't know what Drew's were. Then i decided it was getting late. We ate dinner and then me and Heather went back to my room and got ready for bed. I decided to change boxers. She was already asleep on my bed. I took off my black boxers and put on some red plaid ones. I put them in the dirty clothes basket. I wrapped my arms around her and closed my eyes.


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