Emblem3 fanfiction

So basically, i really like Emblem3 and i decided to write a fanfic about them (:


5. Chilling

Keaton's View.

I opened the door and saw Heather standing there. She was beautiful.

"Hey Heather!" I said with the biggest grin on my face. She hugged me and then i heard her sniffing me. "You smell SO good Keaton!"  

I smiled and said "Haha thanks!" I let her in and we ended up going to my room, I didn't want Drew to say anything embarassing. She sat on my bed and said

"Now what?"

"Uh..  we could hang out and stuff in my backyard. I have a trampoline and some swings."

"Sounds fun! But come here." I came over to her confused. Then she hugged me again.              "You just smell so good!!" She said. Wes was right about the Axe. We went outside and got on the Trampoline. We played a game, Who can jump the highest.

Wesley's View.

Keaton was really getting it on with Heather. She seemed like she couldn't get enough of smelling him. I knew she'd love that axe. I did tell Keaton the ladies love it. i watched them through the bathroom window. They were really cute, but he really needs to kiss her. I started to wonder how long it would take him to kiss her. I wrote 'Kiss her' on a sticky note and crumpled it up. I put it on his newly made bed. He couldn't miss it. Then i left to go talk to Drew.

"Hey man, you seen Keaton and Heather?"

"What? Is she here?" Drew asked.

"Yeah, they're in the backyard." I answered. He looked through the window and saw them.

"Yo, when's he going to kiss her?" Drew asked.

"Exactly what i was thinking."

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