Emblem3 fanfiction

So basically, i really like Emblem3 and i decided to write a fanfic about them (:


9. BedTime <3

Drew's View.

I was happy for Keaton and all, but I was kinda into Heather. I don't see how she didn't fall for me. But i guess she's pretty happy with Keaton. I don't get why girls always go for Keaton or Wes. Like I'm here! I don't get it, i have abs. Don't girls like those?

Keaton's View.

We all watched some Adventure time. I don't  think Drew or Wes really understood how awesome the show was. It started to get pretty late. "Are you sure you shouldn't be getting home?" I asked Heather again. I wanted her to stay, but i wanted to be a good boyfriend and give her a choice. "Yeah, my parents are drunk. I don't want to be at home, they always come stumbling through the door at 3 in the morning and sometimes they hit me. I don't want to stay with them." I could see why she wouldn't want to go home. I felt pretty bad. She was such a sweet girl, i don't see how her parents could treat her like that. I really wanted her to stay with me anyways. It would be a really hard night to get through without her.

"Do you want to sleep with me?" I asked without thinking about how Wes would react to it.

"Woahhh! Get it get it! Keaton me out!" Wes said.

"Wes, i ment share a bed with me- gosh." I said with a bit of anger.

"I thought it was a bit early coming from you." Wes replied.

"I'm going to wait for Heather to say the time is right for that." I said firmly.

"Aw isn't that cute!" Wes joked. I was started to get a bit ticked off. I picked up Heather off the couch and carried her on my back until we got to my room. She kissed my cheek just before we entered the doorway to my room. I still turned red. I closed the door and decided it was time to get ready for bed. I slipped off my shirt and tossed it into my dirty clothes basket easily. Then i reached my hands under my shorts and slid them off too. She was staring at me, and i turned red. I hoped i'd get out of this turning red phase soon. But knowing me, i'd probably still be turning red even when i'm getting some. I threw my shorts in my dirty clothes basket too. I was just in my boxers.

Then i asked her "You wearing that to bed?"

"I dunno, i didn't bring any Pj's." She replied.

"You could borrow one of my shirts."

"Alright. You sure?"

"Yeah. Hold on a sec, i have a perfect one for you." I reached into my closet and pulled out a blue Adventure Time shirt. "OH it's perfect!" She said happily.

"Thought you'd like it." i said while winking.

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