Long Time, No See

Since the first grade Sarah and Zayn have been inseparable, but one day Zayn decides to audition for the X Factor. He leaves Sarah behind and meets new friends. She never forgot about him but learly he forgot about he, or so she thought!


1. Chapter 1

Sarah's POV 


It's my first day of being a Sophomore at Bradford's Preforming Arts, and my roommate Olivia is still asleep. I grab my favourite pair of scissors and grab a piece of her hair, "Olivia!" I say/sing "If you dont get up i will cut your hair!" At that she grabs her blonde hair out of my reach and runs to the bathroom! 

"Geez! im up! Calm down!" She comes out the bathroom and grabs the scissors from my hand. "You are grounded from these for a week!" 

"No! My scissors!!!" I love my scissors! She laughs at me and goes to our shared closet. She comes out in a pair of jeans, a flowery tank top, and a pair of red converse. If you look in our closet mostly all the shoes we own are converse!

I look at my friend and she's already on that iPhone of hers. She can never get enough of instagram! I walk into our closet and you can tell which side is mine and which is Olivias. Hers is all flowers, bright colors, and sparkles here and there but then you look to the other half and there is dark colors, band t-shirts, and..... Zayn's jacket. I still remember when he gave me that.


~Flash back~


We were sitting on his bed talking about what song he is going to sing for his X Factor audition. He was wearing the jacket that camouflage jacket i have always loved on him. He saw me looking at the jacket, "Hay Sarah." 

I look up at his smiling face "Yeah." He stands up and takes off the jacket and wraps it around my shoulders "Why?"

"So you remember me if I make it and become a celebrity!" He laughs as if its never going to happen. Zayn's voice is amazing i dont see why he doubts himself 

"Your going to make it!" i said putting the jacket it on.


~Flash back over~


I put on my black skinny jeans, my Pierce the Veil shirt, Zayn's jacket, and my black studded converse. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87363759) I put on my makeup just black eyeliner on the top and bottom and mascara. Then  I put my hair behind up in a high pony tail and I can see the scar perfectly, I laugh at the memory. Zayn and I were trying to sneak out to our first High School party and he tripped and fell into me and I landed on his neighbors fence. We still went to the party though!

We walk out headed to our first class, drama. "hey you still want to come to the One Direction concert. I know Zayn's going to be there but still! It will be fun!"

"Yeah I will! I want to go don't worry!" I say to Olivia

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