Golden Stars

Melissa Pike has a serect but what happens when people start to find out. Signets are the most important things in peoples life, they show you who your soulmate is, but what if you dont what that person as a soulmate? Kirk/OC


6. The Truth

Melissa slammed the door to her quarters shut and screamed. she threw her notebook from one side of the room to the other and punched a wall with her already bad hand. She screamed again before curling up in a ball next to her bed and started crying. She was crying so much she didn't notice the blue eyed man walk into the room and sit next to her. She sat up and looked at him.

"Jim" she said weakly, tears streaming down her face.

"shh" she said gently pulling her into a tight hug "i'm here, always will be" she held onto him tightly never wanting to let go but he pushed her away slightly just so there was a gap between them "tell me, whats going on?" Melissa sniffed,

"you know i only ever wear long sleeved tops or dresses?" 


"and I don't trust people easily?" 

"yes i know all this but what has it got to do with anything?" Melissa sighed then pulled her sleeves up revealing hundreds of scars up her arms. "why?"

"It's been hard growing up the smartest girl in school, the only girl interested in starfleet, the only girl having to hide her signet, the only girl having to grow up without her mum" another tear ran down her face "i'm sorry" she cried covering her face with her hands.

"don't apologize!" he said hugging her again "i'm here for you, no matter what happens" Melissa lifted her head and kissed him softly,

"thank you".

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