Golden Stars

Melissa Pike has a serect but what happens when people start to find out. Signets are the most important things in peoples life, they show you who your soulmate is, but what if you dont what that person as a soulmate? Kirk/OC


7. The green eyed man

Jim and Melissa walked back to the bridge in silence and weren't surprised that everyone was still exactly where they were before Melissa stormed off. Jim cleared his throat and everyone turned to look at them. Melissa took a deep breath and a small step forward,

"You're probably wondering whats been wrong with me lately, why i'v been quiet? Why i'v been snapping at people? Well I-" she stopped and looked back at Jim who took hold of her hand and smiled "we wanted to tell you something" Melissa tucked her hair out of her face revealing the gold star next to her eye, the same star Jim had. Everyone gasped but Chekov was the loudest.

"now you know" Jim said putting his arm around Melissa "back to work" while everyone got back to their places Jim turned Melissa to face him "told you things would be okay" he said putting his hands on her waist.

"Will it though?" Jim smiled

"yes" he replied before pulling her in for a kiss, but their kiss was cut short by Sulu

"captain, there's a ship coming towards us" Jim broke away from Melissa and sat in his chair,

"friend or foe?" 

"it's firing at us!" Chekov said quickly before the enterprise shook from impact.

"that answers that" Jim said "Sulu! get our shields up know!" 

"aye captain" he said putting the shields up. Melissa stood next to the captains chair holding on to it tightly,

"whats going on?" she asked but before Jim could reply an image appeared on the window of a man, he was slim faced with green eyes and brown hair. He looked straight at Jim then spoke.

"Captain of the enterprise, hand over miss Pike or we'll be forced to us more force" Melissa froze, she knew who this guy was

"what is your reason for wanting Mel- i mean miss Pike?" Jim asked standing next to her.

"she knows" he replied "you have 15 minutes" his face left the screen and everyone was silent.

"i'll go" Melissa said looking at Kirk

"are you out of your mind?! You don't know who that guy is!"

"yes i do!" she paused "he killed my mum"

"so why go with them?"

"look" Melissa said calmly "trust me on this, okay?" Jim sighed

"Spock go with her"

"yes captain" Spock nodded standing next to the door.

"Are you kidding?"

"sadly not" he smiled. They walked to the pads and said their goodbyes before Scotty beamed Melissa and Spock on board the other ship.

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