Golden Stars

Melissa Pike has a serect but what happens when people start to find out. Signets are the most important things in peoples life, they show you who your soulmate is, but what if you dont what that person as a soulmate? Kirk/OC


15. Recovery

A week later and Melissa was walking around her hospitable bed packing her things into a backpack.

"It's only for a few days, i need to be supervised"

"then why can't you come back home?" Her dad argued

"you're pertinently at starfleet, its better for me to be with Jim"

"Kirk lives in a one bedroom penthouse flat, in the same block you do, it's not necessarily!" Melissa dropped her clothes into her bag and looked at Pike

"dad, im staying with Jim" she said sternly before sipping up her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder "and you can always visit". Pike sighed

"come on" he said walking her out of the hospitable to where Jim was waiting for her, on his motorbike.

"you excited?" he asked revving the engine making Melissa jump slightly,

"you are not going on that"

"sir, this bike is perfectly safe"

"and we're only going across town" she smiled from beside the bike. Pike sighed again and kissed Melissa's forehead,

"i'll see you later" she smiled, swinging her leg over the bike and putting her hands around Jim's waist,

"bye dad!" she called as Jim pulled away and drove towards the center of town.


"You okay?" Jim asked helping Melissa off the bike,

"I'm fine" she smiled tucking her hair behind her ear. He smiled at the sight of her signet, he couldn't help it anymore. She was his and he was hers and now everybody knew it.

"come on" he linked his fingers with hers "my place is on the top floor". They walked inside and got into the lift, it only took a few minutes to get to the top floor and a couple more to get to Jim's front door. Jim opened the door to revel a huge room with a small kitchen in the corner and a few doors scattered around the walls.

"Wow" Melissa smiled walking in. She dropped her backpack on the sofa and looked out of a pair of glass doors that led to an balcony, "it's amazing"

"It's home" Jim replied hugging her slightly from behind. Melissa turned in his arms and pressed her lips to his when suddenly there was an explosion. They broke apart and looked out at the smoke rising from the middle of town.

"oh no" Melissa said pulling completely away from Jim "that was part of Starfleet!"


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