Golden Stars

Melissa Pike has a serect but what happens when people start to find out. Signets are the most important things in peoples life, they show you who your soulmate is, but what if you dont what that person as a soulmate? Kirk/OC


4. Gold?

Melissa sat in the medical bay waiting to see Bones. Her face was bright red from anger and she was holding her right hand in pain.

"what seems to be the problem?" Bones asked as she sat down in front of him on one of the beds.

"what do you think?" she said pulling more hair in front of her face. Bones smirked

"you're like Jim" he examined her hand "you think with your fists"

"i'll show you thinking with my fists" she snapped but Bones just chuckled

"okay whatever you say, so what happened"

"I punched a wall" Melissa said quietly. Bones smiled

"relationship stuff?" 

"another person asking about my signet!" she winced as Bones wrapped her in a bandage to support it. "its non of their business!" Bones sighed

"don't i know it" he finished wrapping her hand "there, and don't go punching anyone"

"thanks" she said getting off the bed "can i ask you a question?"


"why is Jim's signet gold?"

"he's a captain, so was his dad, his soul mates parents are captain or commander, so is she" she gave him a confused look and he sighed "say my dad was a doctor and my soul mates dad was a doctor, mine and hers signet would be blue, but only if she was a scientist or doctor"

"ohhh" Bones smiled

"understand" Melissa nodded

"thanks bones, that's really helpful" she walked towards the door

"hey!" she stopped and faced him "why do you care?"

"i have a feeling about something"


Jim walked into a lift on his way to the bridge when Melissa walked in afterwards and stopped the lift.

"what are you doing?" he said not even looking up from the work he had in his hands,

"i need a word with you"

"it can wait" he said starting the lift again. Melissa stopped the lift and stood in front of the buttons 

"James Tiberius Kirk, you will listen!" Jim looked up from his work and gave her an 'i don't have time for this look'

"fine, what do you want?!" she sighed and shook her head

"you know what? forget it" she turned away from him and pressed the start button again.

"no tell me" Melissa stayed silent "Mel!"

"This!" she turned quickly and pushed her hair out of her face showing him her golden star shaped signet next to her right eye. She breathed in slowly "we have the same signet" she turned away from him but he turned her back to face him, pulled her close and pushed his lips to hers. Melissa was shocked at first but kissed back when she realized what was happening. Jim pulled away but kept her close

"i'm glad its you" he said before letting her go and walking off onto the bridge to continue his work.

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