Macie Blake was in a coma, and doesn't remember a thing. She wakes up surrounded by a crowd of people she doesn't recognize. They are her family. Read to see how Macie finds out about her past and a mysterious boy.

Also I'm not exactly sure if I'll keep writing this... Post suggestions


3. Chapter 3 'From the beginning'

"Alright everyone," "Dad" said. "I think we'll all have to wait outside, so Gabby and Macie can talk." Everybody began shuffling outside the room, while Gabby stared at me, nervously. When everyone had cleared out she finally spoke. "I'm so sorry!" She said, wrapping her arms around me. "Wait!" We turned towards the door as two girls raced in. "Macie," a ginger said, with an english accent. "I'm Abigail, and this is Liz." She said as she squeezed the hand of a crying blonde haired girl. I smiled and nodded. "What happened to me?" I asked as I looked around at the three girls. Gabby sighed, looked up at me, looked back down, pushed her hair back nervously, and finally spoke. "You see, well i'll just start from the beginning, but from my perspective. It's easier like that... It was a couple months ago... ***A couple months ago*** 

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