Macie Blake was in a coma, and doesn't remember a thing. She wakes up surrounded by a crowd of people she doesn't recognize. They are her family. Read to see how Macie finds out about her past and a mysterious boy.

Also I'm not exactly sure if I'll keep writing this... Post suggestions


1. Chapter 1 'Macie' "Strangers"

I opened my eyes slowly. Bright light blared into my eyes and I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the light. I blinked again. I was lying on some sort of bed, with some weird looking tubes attached to me. There were several people sitting around me with their heads in their hands. Some were asleep. There was a shuddering boy on my left and I grimaced feeling bad about whatever happened to him. The boy on my left opened his eyes slowly and gasped at me. "M-M-Macie?!" He said stuttering. Slowly, the other people around me looked up. "M-m-mom!" The boy said. "S-s-she's awake!!" The woman named "mom" gasped and put her hands to her face. She hugged me close and said "Macie! My baby! You are alive!" I stared at her, squeezed by her embrace. "Who are you?" I heard my voice say.

How do you like it so far? Should I continue? Comment below. Thx!!-Liv

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