Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


28. What is there left?

            Yes people, contrary to the public opinion, I am still very much alive and no psycho has buried me in a bog… yet. It’s just that exams have been crazy, and our dorms didn’t have wi-fi. Mostly that our dorms didn’t have wi-fi. But that issue has been resolved, yay!

            It’s been a hectic two months, with cadavers and classes on cardiovascular physiology (see the alliteration there?), but I’ll be on Movellas from time to time now.

            Moving on, the rant of the day: What is there left?

            I’ve ranted about everything that I can think of and more. Seriously, most aspects of grammar, characters, the breaking of rules, the lack of manners of some people, I’ve covered most of it. So, I’m asking the readers… What is there left?

            Please leave your suggestions in the comments. If you would just like to express your surprise that I’m still alive and not dead-by-psycho killer, please free to do that as well.


P.S. I watched the Shining yesterday, if that explains anything in the above very random and very short chapter.

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