Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


5. The People Who Encourage

As bad as it is to write stories that would Charles Dickens roll over in his grave, I think it's just as serious an offense to actually compliment those stories. You know what I speak of. I won't give names, because one, I can't handle that kind of hate, and two, because there are probably too many to name.


I'm trying to do this experiment here, and so far I'm failing miserably. I want to try to honestly critique a One Direction fanfic. Like an honest review, consisting of several paragraphs. You know what happens everytime? I read the first chapter, cannot bring myself to read further, and so skulk away to find an aspirin. Now, there could be some good fanfics on this site. If there are, I must say they're hidden extremely well. Because so far I haven't found any of them.


So, I come back after the aspirin has started its action, and I look through the comments. Most of them are mind-numbingly positive. I wonder if any of them have actually read the stuff. If they did, they shouldn't be asking for more.


My mind is addled by their actions. I let go of the entire thing, and read something from the Brotherhood. I, personally, recommend the story "Ooh, Burn" by Flyonzewall. I'd put up the link, but my technological prowess is limited to typing coherent sentences and making half-decent book covers.


Anyway, back to the main topic. Why do people bother to comment on these things? Most of the people here who write original fiction have to advertise their works, request reads, do swaps, to finally get noticed, even if they are amazing writers. But people who put "1d" in the tag don't have to do any of that. Comments, likes, faves, everything just pours in.


So maybe it's time we stopped blaming the writers of these fanfics. For all we know, they're under the delusion that they're the next Nora Roberts. Blame the people that beg them to update, that lie that their creativity is out of this world, and convince them that any honest critique that gets posted is just from 'the haters'.


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