Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


26. The Cast List

For people who have used Wattpad, you know the feature. You assign famous people who you'd like the readers to imagine as the characters. For a while, I was actually a fan of this feature. Partly because it was easier to describe my character when I had a real person to compare to, and partly because I love Anne Hathaway.


But this isn't a good thing. Because I'm more of an optimist than I thought, I checked out a fanfiction again. Nope, they're not getting any better. The copying and pasting of outfits still seems to be common, and they've started cast lists. Even when I used cast lists in Wattpad, I still described my characters, everything about them. These sad excuses for writers bypass that completely, and just say, hey, Darcy is Selena Gomez, Harry is Harry, and what's another stereotypical name, I don't know, McKenzie is Katy Perry.


In my opinion, the reader should always have some freedom when they are reading a book. When I was reading Twilight, the Bella that I imagined was nothing like Kristen Stewart. I imagined someone more along the lines of Evan Rachel Wood. And when it came to Edward, I didn't think Robert Pattinson at all. More Zac Efron... I know, but I was twelve when I read it for the first time.


The reader has to have that freedom, to imagine everything their way. That's what makes so many books a million times better than the movies. We see the story our way, and that's so wonderful that I cannot put it into words. Throw in a cast list in your book, or an outfit list, or photos instead of descriptions, and you are depriving the reader of that freedom.


So, use pictures if you want. Use them to highlight what you have already written. Don't be lazy and not write at all. In the end, you may think that pictures will make your movella more interesting. No, it makes the movella dull, watered-down, insipid and boring, and the author ends up looking lazy and too reckless, uncaring about his/her writing to actually write.




Hater of Cast Lists/ Editor Ambassador

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