Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


6. Textspeak

On one of the articles that I read about Movellas, it was compared to the modern version of how Charlie Dickens first published his fiction in a serialized format through newspapers. Well, for one, Charles Dickens's stories were far more original than the fanfiction that we have to put up with. And Charles Dickens, despite having a father in jail, working in a boot factory, and probably just a rudimentary education, had perfect grammar.


I understand that Movellas originally started as a small Danish company that sent parts of novels as texts to people who subscribed. But even then I'm guessing they used proper grammar. Movellas doesn't send texts anymore. Novels are not written in textspeak.


You may think that textspeak is easier to type, shorter and concise. No. It's messy, confusing. Textspeak is only clear when there's about one sentence of it. Books, completed books, consist of scores of thousands of sentences. In textspeak, reading those sentences becomes torture for all those that love the English language.


Using the word 'because' is not a crime. 'cuz' is not used in novels, nor are the following poor excuses for words:

'u' instead of 'you'

'c ya' instead of 'see you'

You know what? Naming the rest is just a waste of my time.


There are places where textspeak belongs. In texts! And if your excuse is 'I can't, I type up my stories on my phone', well then switch over to your laptop. Or if you don't have one, most public libraries have computers that people can use. Go to an Internet cafe. There is always a way.


My point here is, make an effort! Every Tom, Dick and Harry who can put together a sentence is a writer, which is quite unfortunate. But the fact that despite them calling themselves writers, it does not make them good writers, or even half-decent writers. Pay attention to your spelling, your dialogue, your everything! 


Some of you may call me a hater, because my work isn't popular I'm taking it out on the directioners. You're right, and you're wrong. I have hate. I have hate for poorly written stories that are being churned out by the thousands. I have hate for the lack of grammar, the lack of effort that goes into those books. I have hate for contrived plots, for obscenity and vulgarity, for the total dismissal of any thoughts of originality.


I have hate for the fact that a website with so much potential is under the threat of becoming just a virtual slushpile, just like so many before it.

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