Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


14. Serious Things

It's something that I've talked about. It's something that Sakura has lamented before. But in the end nothing has changed. Why are people so intent on glorifying the most disgusting things on this site? I mean, there is everything from prostitution to kidnapping to rape. Seriously, there are so many of them that I cannot put my ire into words.


The whole thing would've been funny if the fanfics hadn't been so obscene. There was a post a couple of months ago by Sakura on the forums. Having nothing better to do I was going through the forums and I found her list of movellas that she had reported, that hadn't been removed. Now, about three months later, some of them have been removed. Some of them are still up. I didn't have the courage to read the things, so I just read the comments to her post.


The following is a blurb from a story that has since been removed.


For everyone, you'd think getting kidnapped or taken by One Direction is a good thing.


That made me laugh. So that's the way the world has become for most Directioners. Kidnapped by five guys.... is a good thing.


But seriously, how insensitive is this? Women who get raped sometimes die, they sometimes get crippled for life. It's not a simple thing that a girl can forgive. Most of us have read the stories where she gets raped, and then falls in love with the guy that did that to her. That doesn't happen. In real life, she gets afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder. There have been cases where the women don't even let other people come near them, not even their brothers or fathers.


In the quest for ingenuity of plot, the fangirls have come upon a particularly disgusting idea. Abandon that idea, for that love of god.


Then come the kidnapping ones. Stockholm Syndrome alert, right there. Nobody falls in love with their kidnappers, okay? It's not normal. It's not sane. And if you do, they'll probably just kill you anyway if the ransom's not paid. Snap out of your twisted fantasies and smell the reality.


I'm done ranting now, although this post feels incomplete.


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