Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


15. Responses

Rantbook Article #15


                The defensive statements that we often encounter on this website are often repetitive. They are statements that we often have legitimate responses to. So, here are what I think are the most common statements, and my responses to them. Considering that the people who often write these statements will never hear our arguments out, this is a good way to get the logic onto a paper.


1.It’s our writing style.

                This statement has been so overused that it’s not funny. And it was never true. Writing style does not include grammatical mistakes, typos, text-speak, and a complete disregard for the rules of the English language in general. That’s not ‘writing style’, that’s laziness for you. You’re basically admitting that you write like someone typing in the dark. And that you have no respect for the language.

                Writing style is something that is defined by your choice of words, your plot, you characters, and everything except the technical stuff. So don’t say that typos and text-speak are your writing style.

                And second thing here, people use the ‘writing style’ excuse to say that they can only write stuff with erotica, only a specific genre. Your writing style determines the way you tell your story, not the story that you tell. If that makes sense. I have examples here. J.K. Rowling, famed children’s authors, got published with a fantasy for children. She followed with “The Casual Vacancy”, which as I understand it, is a murder mystery. Meg Cabot, a wonderful writer that I’ve often referred to on these rants, writes not only teen fiction, but also romance (under a pseudonym of course). John Grisham, an author famous for his novels centered on lawyers, has experimented with writing teen fiction, and succeeded.

                Of course, everyone has their favorite genre. Mine is fantasy, for other people it may be romance, or teen fiction, or sci-fi. That genre is our home turf. But an author of sci-fi, attempting to write a story of another genre, will not be horrible. They will be less sure of themselves, but it won’t be bad literature. So, don’t use the ‘it’s our writing style’ excuse to bind yourself to one genre.


2.Stop hating!

                Yeah, I don’t think many of the people here actually display ‘hate’ in their reviews of a book. It seems that anything that people like me would view as ‘constructive criticism’ is taken as an insult, by other people who shall not be named. You know who they are.

                If you can’t take suggestions, don’t ask for reviews. Honest to god, I’m not going to read something abysmal and say “Awesome! You’re the Austen of the 21st century!”

                I’m not that big of a liar. I’m going to offer real reviews, with whatever grammatical mistakes I note, and whatever suggestions I have. If you’re book is good, I’ll say it’s good. If it’s amazing, amazing. And if it’s the literary equivalent of a pile of buffalo dung, I’ll try to soften the blow.

                I get it that your writing is your sweat and blood. But when you ask for critique, you’ll get critique, not glowing praise. Pointing out genuine errors is in no way “hating”.


3.Well, I have more likes/favs than you.

                I think all of us have come across condescending comments of this nature at one time or another. We comment on a god-awful book with genuine critique, and we get this scalding response. I don’t get the reason in their statement.

                But this has to be the most idiotic rebuke. We know the driving force behind those likes and faves. It’s like saying a Honda or Toyota is better than a Rolls-Royce because more have been sold. Bad comparison, because Honda and Toyota are quality cars. But you guys get my point right? It’s hard for non-fanfic authors to get reads and likes on this website. I think that that’s a universally acknowledged fact.

                People just don’t casually read books like “Hulksuru” or “Victoriana”. But they have no qualms reading “Kidnapped by 1D!” with a tumblr girl on the cover. Makes me seriously question the future of this generation.


4.Leave our boys alone!

                I don’t know what it is about this statement, but it makes my blood boil. They are not your boys. Really don’t know what pisses me off about that phrase, but really, it makes me want to pull my hair out. The fandom has reached a cult level. It’s getting ridiculous. The response to our opinion that we dislike their music (with good reason) is that we know nothing, and again, that we’re just haters. I’m not going to hate on a teenage singing group. I just don’t like listening to their music about girls and love all the time. There are other better songs out there.

                The possessiveness of these little girls scares me. Most of the hormonal pre-teen and teen girls that have an obsession with this singing group seriously scares me. Everything that they write is about an imaginary romance with them. It’s not right for a thirteen year-old to come up with the kind of plots where they’re abused, kidnapped, raped etc. It’s wrong on so many levels.


5.In regard to our comments that it’s not right for a thirteen year-old “child”, we get the following response: Inappropriate stuff is everywhere, and we know about it anyway.

                Yes people, as someone older, and probably somewhat wiser, thirteen-year olds to me still come under the category of children. Yes, I was exposed to everything that you are exposed to as well, and it would’ve been awesome to keep that childish happiness free of complications for a few years longer.

                Maybe some Directioners will protest that I’m being preachy. Protecting the innocence of the children and all that. Well, I have an answer. Somebody needs to do it, someone needs to be preachy. It can be someone relatively young sometimes, not a righteous grandma. Otherwise check out how these little girls (and some boys) are using the Internet. Me, like a traditional nerd, watched episodes of Ugly Betty using the Internet when I was thirteen. That’s as far as something as can get from erotic fantasies involving a famous singer with a mop of brown hair and an English accent. Nowadays people do stuff far less pristine.


Well, that’s all I can think of for now. If I remember more this post will have a continuation.




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