Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


30. Overshadowed

I've gone through my RantBook, and I realized that there aren't many places where I've mentioned 'good' directioners. Sorry for that. Although there are good Directioners on this site, they're often stuck in the shadows, and they're often not the people that we non-fanfiction writers first encounter. I acknowledge and accept that there are nice, wonderful writers who also happened to be Directioners on our site. It's reason that I never say "All" Directoners, but usually mention that I'm talking about the majority.


Off the top of my head, I can name the following Directioners who are genuinely nice and wonderful people to get to know:



JK Panesar




Elizabeth Long


Probably some of my friends on here are Directioners as well, just probably aren't that vocal about it. But people like these aren't the ones that most people first meet when they meet a Directioner on this website. It's not their writing that they read. It's the writing of some hormone crazed person writing out their lewd fantasies as a story or as an imagine.


Then there's the attitude of some of them. The good directioners, they're not the ones that become popular quickly. The DIrectioners that get noticed easily are the ones that write the full-out mind-numbingly implausible romances, sometimes with little to no grammar. There are the stories that are so wonderful that they cannot be ignored, even within fan-fiction. Pearl White, anyone? But stories that make an attempt, the ones that have true potential? They are few and far in between, and are getting lost within the loud din of more vulgar, more attention-seeking stories.


The masses like it crude, explicit, and something that they would never let their parents see. Of course, there are a few exceptions here as well. 'Loving the Band' seems to have been pretty tame. But not every movella about One Direction is like Loving the Band.


*By the way, 'Grip', a fanfiction by Alex.Browning is really good by the way. She got me to say 'fanfiction' and 'good' in the same sentence, so you guys know it's good. So, any Directioners out there reading this, or Non-directioners, I suggest you check it out. 



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