Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


7. Main Characters

I understand that the main character must be lovable. People have to relate to her, empathize with her, feel her pain and crap. Now, you can do this through the way that most published authors do. You can make the character real. She has her good points and her flaws. She has her virtues and her vices. But on this site, not many people really do that. They take shortcuts that give me headaches. And they do this in multiple ways.


The Victims

The main character has to find a way into his/her readers' hearts. And what better way to a heart than through making your MC the victim, the persistent underdog, or whatever else you can think of. Granted, sometimes this works. It works beautifully in LittleMsHollywood's "Paper Games", for example. And even I've used in my movella "In Love and War". Whether it's worked or not, that's for the reader's to decide. When the MC's thoughts and feelings are correctly written about, the victim becomes every reader's darling. Think Oliver Twist. Who doesn't love Oliver? But on this site, there is a serious problem of 'overkill'. A fake example would be:


"My family is all dead except for my little brother who has cancer, and I'm abused by my stepdad. We're dirt poor, and I work three jobs."


Really makes you wonder what this girl is doing falling in love with One Direction, instead of going to child services, or therapy.


The Perfects

They're beautiful, super smart, confident. They speak eight languages and know jujitsu. Not to mention they live in a mansion and go around in a Beemer. I'm like, where is the conflict in this? Now, I'm not talking about making a kick-ass character. I just would like a kick-ass character that I could relate to! You know, where they character is awesome yet has flaws too. Where's she less photo-shopped and more real.


I'm just saying, who would you be friends with? The nice girl next door with average looks and a friendly smile, or the over-confident person that dazzles you with everything she does? For me, it's the girl next door. She's human.


For example, there was a story I read recently. Not here, but on Wattpad. The girl's super smart, she can fight, she speaks ten different languages, is rich, has a great family. And she's a princess whose bodyguard is in love with her. It was a good enough book, just too much perfection. I couldn't relate to her. 


So please, no more puke-inducing perfect characters. You know them when you see them.


The Bella Swans

Now, these characters really are a thorn in my side. I have nothing against Twilight. If it's your cup of tea, go ahead. It's just not mine. And more and more Bella Swans are popping up nowadays. Girls who are beautiful yet clueless about it. They are the 'endearingly clumsy' ones. Newsflash here. To the girls out there, go to school being absolutely clumsy for one day. You know, tripping, dropping stuff. Chances are, a cute guy won't ask you out, most people in the hallway will laugh at you or stare with concern.


And that's not even the thing that bothers me most about Bellas. These Bellas are found in almost all of the romance movellas, fanfic or nonfanfic. They live for love. Their life revolves around a boy, and I hate that. What happened to dreams and ambitions? Of actually being something in life other than 'whats-his-name's wife'. Now, Meyer's Bella in the later books gains confidence, and she changes. But in most movellas, she doesn't. She just remains the lovesick teenager all the way through.


Not to mention, Bellas are weak. They let the men do the heavy-lifting, and find it hard to breathe when their love is not around. If love were really like that, a lot of dumped girls would be dead. So, guys, sorry to burst the bubble, but true love is not the strongest thing on earth.



And with that, I bid you adieu,



P.S. This chapter is rare, in that I wrote the entire thing on a moving train, and typed it up after coming home.

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