Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


8. Main Characters Part Deux

You guys didn't really think I could sum up that problem in one chapter, did you? No, there's a whole other dimension to this problem. So I think I've covered every crappy kind of girl main character. Now, to do the love interest. Brace yourselves.


Let's face it, the majority of books on here are romances. Badly written romances, but I digress. Teenage love is made out be the greatest thing since sliced bread in this movellas. The character sees a random guy, and falls in love more with his face than his personality. I'm not a big believer in the love at first sight thing. An example of this phenomenon, found in numerous movellas:


"The moment I saw you, I knew I had to have you. You're like a beautiful princess, blah blah much shmuck yuck yuck..."

That's right. Gag me. Those lines above, or ones mindnumbingly similar have been so overused it's not even funny anymore. I'm sure that once, a long time ago, those words made someone's heart stop for a second, brought a smile to their face and even were the words that sealed the deal on their happy ending. Now, it sounds like a cheap pick up line.


The girl gets sweaty palms, suddenly finds it hard to breathe, and is incapable of forming intelligent, nay, coherent sentences. When does that actually happen? How is that much amount of perspiration and brain-freeze romantic? I'm sure there's nervousness, but there's a limit to exaggeration.


Enough about the girl, now to the actual guy. Ever notice how all these guys are drop dead gorgeous? None of them are the shy guy in the computer lab with a cute overbite. Not one of them is the talkative dude from the school newspaper who always says hello to you in the morning, just you. None of the male protagonists are real, and that bothers me. Most times the guys are these unattainable Greek gods that somehow fall in love with the normal girl.


I know it's a successful formula, but it's been done already. It's basically been written to death. For once, let's let the guy be normal. Let's let the guy be someone that was there all along, but the girl never knew what hit her. I'm tired of humanised Edward Cullens, of knights in shining armor, and pretty boy princes.


And then there's the whole thing about their personalities. In one of the fanfictions that I read, there is a teacher who falls in love with a student. I'm not going to tell the name because frankly I don't remember it, and really who cares? So, the girl has a boyfriend, and repeatedly rebuffs the teacher, who is named Niall Horan or something. His response to that, paraphrased,


"You're saying no, but in your eyes I can see you want me too." 


You guys know what that line reminds me of? The movie "Prom Night".


He's twenty-five and she's fifteen. When she points this out to him, his answer is, again paraphrased:


"Love has nothing to do with age." or something along those lines. And then she goes ahead and falls in love with him? Yes, she stays with the psycho. I know, not advisable.


Another thing, how one-dimensional are some of the love interests? Like I've ranted about before, they're only interested in love... and sometimes other things, but we don't need to talk about that. Most times, it's like 'he's in love with her, and he's rich and famous. oh, and he's afraid of spoons'. Pat. That's all we need to know. No back story, no demons from his past, no groundwork done on the character. And when there is groundwork, most times it turns out... let's just say the one-dimensional ones seem so wonderful all of a sudden.



This post is random and all over the place. But those are my thoughts right now. 

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