Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


24. I'm A Little Ashamed

I think I just spammed people. I've been mumbling about my entry for the Coldest Girl in Coldtown contest for the last couple of days, swapping, just going all crazy in an attempt to get reads and likes. Now, I think I just spammed people and I want to take it back.


Don't get me wrong. This wasn't the

'gr8 story? Read mine and like?' nonsense that I've ranted about before. I actually read the stuff, and I left a real, more-or-less useful, kind comment. And I told them it was optional, that they could read mine. I didn't say it like it was a swap or anything.


But this has led to inner conflict, within my easily addled mind. 


So, did I spam? Was I out of line? Please leave your opinions in the comments. I'm a bit perplexed regarding further course of action.




Spamming(?) Editor Ambassador

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