Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


22. Great Expectations- Shattered

            Since the advent of fandoms, I expected the number of fan-fictions in the romance genre to go down. Some of you reading this may know of NathanielStanley’s idea. I linked the comment to several places, and someone suggested that first we should go the back-breaking manual route, meaning commenting on every movella that is a fan-fiction but still in the romance genre.

            So, I followed that route. I went to the first page, and lo, the problem is worse than ever. I commented on three movellas in which there was a curly-haired pop-singing hero and an idiotic bimbo of a girl, telling them in few words that they had put their movella in the wrong genre.

            Because I felt like saving the world from the dirty thoughts of misled pubescent girls, I also went on a reporting spree. Now, I don’t report anything that’s PG-13 and below, and I don’t even report anything that’s like X rated if it’s rated Red. But some of the concepts there… Sickening. Mind-numbingly sickening. A nineteen year old pursues a thirteen year old, and the thirteen year old is at odds with herself. And get this. He ‘rapes’ her, and she’s left confused. Yes, befuddled, not like a normal person, who would be physically and emotionally tortured. Yes, as I’ve written before, it seems to be the trend to write about rape and abuse as if they’re as common as pocket lint.

            So, reporting spree. Then there was the one that glorifies a love between a teenage girl, something-or-another Styles, and her ‘uncle’ Niall. You visually shuddered, didn’t you? I definitely did. And it’s idiotic how many of them advocate teenage pregnancy, because it’s just the ‘bomb’ to have a baby come into your life, regardless of the circumstances. You can’t go to college? It’s okay, because your pop star husband/boyfriend will make ridiculous amounts of money while you stay at home and be a happy mommy changing the nappies. That is not a good model for teenage girls.

            I know what you’re thinking. Teenage girls are intelligent, even the thirteen year olds. They won’t confuse reality with obvious fantasy. Let me remind you, this is the major demographic of the population that is the reason for the success of the horror that is the Twilight saga. For those of you that will say that Twilight is a literary masterpiece, open your eyes and smell the glitter on Edward’s pasty face. If Twilight is a literary masterpiece, if it changed lives and was just as good as ‘Dracula’ or ‘Interview with a Vampire’, well then, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was an amazing song and should have gotten an MTV award.

            Away from the Twi-hate and back to the improper genres thing. I don’t see the sense of these people. The website has given them ‘fandoms’ yet they still encroach onto our territory. You know what pisses me off? There are genuinely good romances on this site, non-fanfiction romances. And they are not getting the attention that they deserve.

            If you doubt me, just check out Sakura’s latest experiment, Cinderfella- A 1D Romance. No, I’m not giving a shout out (in other words, free advertising for her) to a One Direction fan-fiction. I haven’t gone bat-crazy yet. It’s an experiment. You’ll understand if you go to her profile.

            Romance is the king of book genres. It is the genre that sells like anything. It is the genre that encompasses all other genres in its quantity (maybe not quality). People love reading about love, well, when love is written about well.

            For some strange reason, everyone thinks that they can become an author, and easiest of all, a romance writer. It’s not that easy. Look at the works of the great romance writers like Nora Roberts, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters. No, just look at all the great writers, John Grisham, Robin Cook, Stephen King, JK Rowling, and one that I overlooked before, the legendary JRR Tolkien. All of them put a moderate to immense amount of research into their books. John Grisham, a lawyer who writes books about the lawyering world, Robin Cook, who writes medical thrillers, J.K. Rowling, her every magical spell has a Latin meaning, except Avada Kedavra. We don't even need to go into the beautiful detail of Tolkien's universe. Notice that S. Meyer isn’t mentioned in the above list. But I digress.

      Back to romance, I hardly think that incoherent sentences, too much blushing, an overprotective, easily jealous hero are the fundamentals of a romance. I’m sure that romance isn’t always that way. If it was, then, love is far too hormonal to be good. According to an article by the National Geographic, love can actually be identified as a disease of the mind. Well, Directioners have really proved that one true.




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