Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


12. Fluff that You Makes You Suspect and Stuff that Makes You Want to Write More

I'm sure that everyone here has experienced it. My first experience on the site was this vile menace. The fluff comment that says your movella is really good and orders you to update. You say thanks, as most of us do, and you get a reply, to check out theirs and comment. Sometimes there's even a request to like and favorite.


The first time I got a comment like that, I fell for it. I read their work, which made my eyes sting with all the grammar errors, and I commented. Then the doubt settled in. There was nothing in their comment regarding my story other than the statement that it was "nyc". Since it was my first comment, the little numbers at the bottom of my movella read zero views, and one comment. I kept wondering if they hadn't bothered to read it, or whether the number of views was just a mistake of the website.


I'm sick of these comments, especially since I got another one recently. Even I didn't fall for it this time, I decided to be the bigger person and read ten chapters. It wasn't a bad book, but not particularly a good one either.


After a couple of minutes of irritation, I realized that a lot of us do this. Leave fluff comments even if we read the entire book, simply because it's easier. I know, I have. I'm trying to get myself out of the habit. I'm not saying that you have to proofread every book you check out here. I'm not saying you point out every typo and inform them of every misplaced comma or semicolon. I can't really explain a good comment, so I will show you a couple that I found.


Here's a comment that I didn't ask for, on my movella Dragon Day. I think she read it out of her free will (which means it wasn't a swap, and I don't think I asked her to read it). I loved the short and sweet comment that she left. 


Okay, I know it's all praise. But it felt good in two ways. One, knowing that she liked my writing. And two, knowing that she actually read the thing. So, seriously, there should be more commenters like PJManga101.


The next comment is a comment left on Hulksuru, by B. Anonymous. And if you haven't checked out Hulksuru yet, go check it out. It is everything B. Anonymous says and a little bit more.



The following, and final comment is by the guy who is at present Mmurray28, who was previously a lot of other names. This is his comment for LittleMsHollywood's Paper Games, an entry for the Hidden Power Competition. It's got more than a good chance of winning, so check it out if you haven't already.



There's more within the comment, but I think I got enough.


So, seriously. I think we should stop encouraging those fluff comments that just request reads. Those people seriously do not get the "do unto others" thing. 

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