Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


2. Fanfiction is Fanfiction

This has been written about before, correction, lamented before. But that hasn't helped the problem any. Why do people put their stuff in the wrong genre?


Why do I ask that question? We already know. "I'm writing a Harry Styles fanfiction, but it has romance, so obviously, it belongs in romance!"


No, just no. What you're writing is a romantic fanfiction. In the end, it's a fanfiction. I don't care if Harry Styles is a teenage-girl devouring eight-headed, yet still gorgeous, monster in your story, it would still be fanfiction for me, not sci-fi or fantasy. And just because the story takes place with Harry Styles with his childhood sweetheart ten years ago, it's not historical fiction.


Seriously people, if you want to write fanfiction, go ahead. No one is stopping you, and the staff of Movellas seem to be actually favoring you over people who write original fiction. Why put your books under historical fiction, or the latest sad thing I found, under Realism? What's real about a guy from an internationally popular boy group (as I have stated before, I refuse to call it a band) falling in love with a random girl at first sight? And then they get married? Putting that in the Realism genre is a crime against literature.

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