Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


18. Dropped on Their Heads

I'm ranting about something that is half unbelievable and half ridiculous right now. Because I've seen Movellas Reporter get warned about using people's names, I'm just going to tell you how to get to the movella that is the reason for my ire.


I've ranted about the crime that it is to categorize fan-fiction as other genres, yes people, it's wrong to categorize it even as romance. Recently the fan-fiction has started to take over the Supernatural and Paranormal categories. That's right. What could possibly be better than a sparkly Harry Styles?


The fans have somehow found ways to sneak their works glorifying British singers into the strangest of genres, from Realism to Diary to now the latest and most heinous crime yet, Thriller and Horror. I know, appalling.


The movella that I read is the first "1d" related one in the Popular page for this month, with a photo of "Flammable" as the cover. I read the book, consisting of two chapters. I'm going to be honest, I'm grateful that it wasn't in textspeak, and it had about half the usual dosage of eye-bleed inducing typos. But there were no paragraphs, the dialogues were blatantly dumb, and the plot was wafer-thin. It could have had potential, but the writing was rushed and inexperienced. She didn't describe, it was sudden and ill-written. It was obvious that she had spent either a microscopic amount of thought, or a microscopic amount of time, or both into the movella.


Okay, I wouldn't have mentioned this movella with such discriminating details if it weren't for the comments that were posted, all basically asking for updates! No criticism, not even bothering to ask for longer chapters!


Before people blast me for being this harsh about something that could've been written by a child, I checked out her profile and apparently she's older than me, alright? Just so you know.


Yes, this post is random and maybe too mean, but it's a rant. It's not meant to be diplomatic.


Off to take an aspirin,


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