Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


34. Cliches That Make You Wanna Kill

Once upon a time, in some book or other, somebody used a different expression for something and it clicked just that once. That doesn't give people the right to abuse that expression. You know what abuse of such expressions reminds me of? Let me tell you. It reminds me of the preserved specimens in our dissection hall. Once at the beginning of their dead lives they were beautiful examples of human anatomy, the muscles in places, the nerves intact. After inexperienced students take their turn at handling them, the muscles become loose, the nerves get torn, everything gets shaken around until the beautiful specimen turns into nothing more than a foul-smelling mound of flesh from which almost nothing can be learned. 


Smashing Lips

No one smashes their lips together when they kiss. That's not physically advisable. Just imagine it for me, them ramming their heads together like two rhinoceroses warring for territory. It's not pretty, it's not romantic, and I'm thinking that it borders on assault.


Minds Going Blank

Okay, it's bound to happen the first time they encounter someone dark, tall and handsome. But every, single, time? The guy is gonna get freaked out and run for the hills. No happy endings there, only the possibility of psychiatric help.


Falling on their Faces

This, I attribute to the horrible accumulations of words that are Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. Klutziness, last time I checked, is not endearing and irresistible. When it's on a Bella Swan scale, it's crippling and life-endangering. And after so many times falling onto their faces, you would expect crooked noses and cut lips.


Insecure Main Characters

Not all girls are insecure. Not all girls think that their best friends are beautiful, and themselves to be the plain sidekick. Many girls are comfortable with reality, with themselves. Most girls, when they write their story, make themselves the heroine, not the sidekick. Thank god for the reality, and let's all try to portray in our writing more often.


Damsels in Distress

How many of the girls you know would have a guy fight their every battle for them? They would probably hit the guy after the first couple of times. Girls like to be independent, free. They're not going to fall into your arms when you save them from a horrendous paper cut, or when you help them carry teeny-tiny weights that they could probably carry themselves. Gone are the days of carrying a girl's books home.


Everybody Sees It But Them

Their parents, their friends, their classmates, and sometimes even their pets see the obvious attraction. But the two main characters are absolutely oblivious. It's been done to death. Denial on that level, is good only if written well. Otherwise, it makes the characters look ridiculous and absolutely idiotic.


Yeah, that's about it for now. If you leave your suggestions in the comments, I'd be glad to add them.











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