Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


35. Back with a Bang!

Not really, I'm just back with a slight fizzle. I haven't had access to wifi at all in the last month. I know, it was stifling. But I just studied and somehow made it through. But I see that the menace of bad fan-fiction has yet to let up. Note here, all people, that I do not say 'all' fanfiction. I say 'bad' fanfiction, which forms the majority of this site.


I'm sick of people not getting the hint. Okay, if they want to advertise their work (that they didn't really put much work into) in the forums, or mumbles, fine, they are welcome to do that as long as they don't go overboard (which they sometimes do). But when a person specifically states that they are not accepting read requests for fan-fiction, it's only common decency to accept that. You don't paste a link to your work and say, "It's fan-fiction, but it's good fan-fiction.". No, you don't get to judge that. The reader gets to judge that. And most times in the above kind of cases, the reader will disagree.


You guys know I've been offline completely for a little over a month. I don't know what happened with the Brotherhood, I'm clueless. I went to the group page and saw a fan-fic there. I've already left a comment about it on the forums, so I hope Enya will act soon. It doesn't matter if the group isn't that active. You wouldn't paint graffiti on the walls of historical monuments just because no one was living there anymore, and the same rule applies. Perhaps that was a weird comparison.


Anyway the fan-fiction that I encountered had a girl who was blind. I absolutely hate it when they use the 'pity-sue' card. Yes, she's blind. I'd completely understand if she was insecure, angry with the world because she can no longer take part in the world. But the author takes it way over the top. This is the 21st century. No one would think that blindness caused by a car accident would be infectious. Seriously, that was what she wrote. That the MC was ostracized because her blindness was supposed to be contagious. As a science student, I really fear for the future of this planet.


Maybe in the next fan-fic I read they'll quarantine a girl who has cancer. If you're going write something, bother to read something about it. If you want to see an example of the dedication that a person puts into a book, read something by Dan Brown. Genuine Italian, beautiful descriptions of the cities of Europe. I'm not saying that you have to go that far, but for goodness sake, you have 'Google' at your hands. It's not that difficult.


The second thing is the grammar. But you know me. If I get started on the language and the spelling this rant will never end. 


The third and final thing, is that it was on the front page of the Brotherhood. What kind of a person does that? You don't see non-fanfic writers pasting their movellas in 1D groups, so it would be so wonderful if they could do us the same favor. There are different groups for a reason. Respect the requests of the admin of the group, respect the request of the writer who started a thread.



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