Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.


9. An Idea Can Change You Life

You know, I read a lot of articles about Movellas before I joined this site. I researched. Don't know particularly why, but I did. And Movellas had planned for the future a wonderfully glorious idea. Shared revenue.


The article I read was written back in 2011, and their idea was to sell some novels chapter by chapter, only for certain authors who were popular enough. I had another idea. I think a lot of people on this site wouldn't be against advertisements. Now, I'm not talking about the annoying, irrelevant, and totally embarrassing advertisements that make you want to stick duct tape over that part of your screen. I'm talking advertisements from publishers, self-publishers, anything that teens would be interested such as clothing stores or even ads for new virtual readers or something. You notice the black space on either side of the matter of the site, the ads could go there.


Any revenue earned from the forums, the mumbles page, the main page, or the groups page goes completely to Movellas. And on the pages that are truly our own, such as our profile pages, and our stories, a fixed percentage of the revenue (50-70%) comes to us, and the rest to Movellas. A kind of Kindle Direct Publishing, except for our serialized fiction instead of entire books. Or maybe it would be better to compare this to what Google has going on with blogspot and adsense.


Think of how awesome that could be? Considering the time that I spend here, soon I'll be able to buy a new laptop. People like LittleMsHollywood would be Amanda Hockings. Are you reading this, Jordan?


And One Directioners... One Directioners would overtake Bill Gates.

Drat. There may be a few flaws in my idea.

Or maybe they're like Enron you know, successful on the surface, but on the inside there's accounting fraud? Whatever, I'm rambling when I'm supposed to be ranting.


What do you guys think of this idea? I don't think it'll happen by the way.

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